JASPER JOTTINGS Week 11 - 2009 March 15

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POSITRACTION: Teens save boys in an icy lake


Teens save boys who went after backpacks on icy lake
By Tillie Fong, Rocky Mountain News (Contact)
Published January 30, 2009 at 3:56 p.m.
Updated January 31, 2009 at 12:03 a.m.

*** begin quote ***

Two boys trying to retrieve backpacks that had been thrown onto a frozen lake in west Denver fell through the ice and were rescued by a pair of teenagers Friday.

*** end quote ***

Horseplay that could have had a tragic result?

I’d like my challenges to be small ones!

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JObit: Cunningham, Bruce T. [MC1954]



Bruce T. Cunningham

Cunningham, Bruce T. BETHESDA, Md. Bruce Thomas Cunningham, a resident of Bethesda, died after a four-year battle with cancer on March 4, 2009. He was born in Utica, N.Y. on January 14, 1932, and grew up in Albany, N.Y. and was the son of the late Ruth and Earl Cunningham. He graduated from Vincentian Institute High School in Albany. He graduated from Manhattan College in New York City in 1954 with a bachelor’s degree in science and a commission in the Air Force. In the same year, he married Madeline A. Bean of Albany and they were married for 54 years. During his Air Force career, he piloted several aircraft and became an instructor. He was stationed in San Marcus Air Base in Texas and Grenier Air Base in N.H. before joining the Air Force Reserve. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, he was recalled into the Air Force and was involved with surveillance activities. He then took a position with a finance company and in 1963 moved to Bethesda as a manager of an American Finance Company office. After various positions, he was named president until the company’s merger with a bank now part of Bank of America. From 1980 to 1983, he was the deputy director of the United Mine Workers pension fund. He then joined the Ayco Company in Albany, a financial counseling firm. He retired from AYCO in 1993 as a co-president and returned to his home in Bethesda. One of his great pleasures was his ocean front home in Ocean City, Md. where he headed the condominium board and was involved with several major renovations. He enjoyed golf and was a longtime member of Bethesda Country Club and a past member of their board. He was an avid Redskin fan and attended games for over 30 years. He was an active member of St. Jane DeChantal Catholic Church. All of his seven children graduated from its parochial school. He served on the board of the Benedictine School in Ridgley, Md. and the finance advisory board for the Benedictine Sisters. Survivors in addition to his wife, Madeline; include seven children, Bruce Jr. (Patty), Brian (Irene), Brent (Karen), Cathy Casagrande, (Dr. Eugene) Timothy (Cathy), Jeffrey (Leslie), Daniel (Diana); and 19 grandchildren, who all reside in the Washington metro area. He also is survived by his brother, Richard of N.H. and sister, Suzanne Dickie of Fla.; many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his late sister, Patricia Pritchard, of Albany.

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Cunningham, Bruce T. [MC1954]  

Guestbook: http://tinyurl.com/bn9jpr

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JEmail: ManhattanCSMLink is MC’s on-line job posting system

From: Bernadette Blocker (MCstf)
Date: March 4, 2009 9:17:50 AM EST
To: “reinke, fjohn68″
Subject: Re: ManhattanCSMLink

ManhattanCSMLink is our on-line job posting system. Another name is NACElink. Here you can view job opportunities, post your resume, etc.

Bernadette Blocker

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 12:06 PM, reinke, fjohn68 wrote:


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QUADRANGLE: Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Quadrangle Email Edition
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Riverdale Weather: HI 32 / LO 14 Mostly Sunny

O'Donnell the New President   

Dr. Brennan O’Donnell, current Dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill, will be MC’s 19th president as announced in a Feb. 17th press release. “I’m honored and humbled by the faith that the Manhattan community has placed in me to lead this great College in fulfilling its mission,” O’Donnell said in the press release.

In This Issue:

Ben Kiernan Speaks on Cambodian Genocide

When people attend a Cambodian Genocide symposium, most are expecting to hear story of heart-wrenching despair about the victims. However, at his lecture “Genocide in World History” on Feb. 24th Ben Kiernan introduced about 35 students to another side of genocide - the side of the leaders and their consequences.

    * Making ‘Never Again’ Concrete
    * News Briefs
    * Announcement Regarding the Upcoming Registration
    * Kappa Delta Pi Visits the UN


25 Things: Relax, It’s Just a Goof

I had one new notification. Rachel Swartz had tagged me in a note. This note was not just like any other note on Facebook, this was the note: the 25 Things note. For several weeks now, “25 Things” has spread to every Facebook user on the planet. It became the social network’s version of the plague. 

    * Does Facebook Own Us?
    * Saving the Newspaper


Is There Really ‘No Place Like Home’?

“Hello, my job is to move people, and tonight, I am going to move you to a new family waiting for someone just like you. You have 30 minutes to pack this brown cardboard box with what you want to bring, but no people or pets can come.” It is early morning and this is a tall, very authoritative-looking stranger surprising you at your front door of your house. 

    * Study Abroad Summer Programs
    * Former MC Salsa Instructor Starts New Classes


City Watch

How does a sunny, hot beach in Miami sound during a New York winter? One word: amazing. A relaxing getaway turned sour for the girls of The City in “The Past Catches Up.” Rather than leave the drama to deal with upon their return back to New York, the cast members seemed to have stowed it carry-on. 

    * Manhattan in March
    * Simplicity is Key at 71 Irving Place


Hickey and Gutenberger Dominate as Lady Jaspers Topple LeMoyne

The Lady Jaspers lacrosse team came out with a huge win over the LeMoyne Dolphins this past Sunday at Gaelic Field. This marked the first time in four years that MC defeated LeMoyne. Junior Caralyn Hickey led the squad with an astonishing five goals. Freshman Chrissy Gutenberger posted four goals, two of which came in overtime, including the game winner with only 31 seconds remaining.

    * Softball Out to Prove Themselves
    * Lady Jaspers Upset Fairfield on Senior Day

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JEmail: McEneney, Edward J. (MC1959) cited for “EARN”

From: “McEneney, Mike (MC1953)”
Date: March 7, 2009 8:28:58 PM EST
To: “Jasperfjohn Reinke”
Subject: Article Re: EARN and ED McEneney, ‘59 and others

Dear John,

The attachment has the article that appeared in Today’s (3/07/09) Journal News about the work some folks have been doing for the last 20 years at Saint Patrick’s Parish in Yorktown. My brother Ed (‘59) has been one of those “folks” helping those who need help in finding jobs though this program.

The true Jasper Sprit comes through.


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March 7, 2009
For 20 years, St. Patrick’s has helped people find jobs
Gary Stern
Journal News Columnist

*** begin quote ***

On Thursday evening, about 50 people with name tags on their jackets and a distinct sense of purpose filled a classroom at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Yorktown Heights. They weren’t there for religious instruction, but they were hungry for information.

“This is a Christian community, of course,” Ed McEneney told me. “But this is business.”

It was the monthly meeting of EARN - the St. Patrick’s Employment Assistance & Resource Network. Twenty years ago this month, McEneney and a few other parishioners, at the request of their pastor, got together to figure out how to help people who were losing their jobs. Some of Westchester County’s biggest employers were downsizing, a recession was setting in, and a current of anxiety was cutting across the suburbs.

McEneney, Sal Pizzurro, Tom Tilston and a few others began putting together a weekly newsletter that listed jobs and people looking for work. Every month, they invited people who were “looking” to come to church to network and get some advice from expert-types.

They never stopped. The newsletter is up to issue number 325. In good times and bad, EARN meets every month at St. Patrick’s to help whoever needs help.

These days, EARN is becoming too popular.

“In good times, we’ve had three people,” McEneney said. “Other times, we’ve had 80. I wouldn’t say this is the toughest things have been. But it’s getting there.”

McEneney, a parishioner at St. Patrick’s since 1976, works for a company that coaches unemployed people on how to find jobs. “This is my vocation - and my avocation,” he said.

As the classroom filled up at St. Patrick’s Family Education Center - about a dozen people showed up last-minute from New Jersey - I could see that this was not a social gathering. People were deeply appreciative of what EARN does, but they wanted to get down to business. What are the tricks of finding a job when there are so few jobs to be had?

*** and ***

Additional Facts

If you go

- The EARN program will meet next at 7:45 p.m. April 2 at St. Patrick’s Church, 137 Moseman Road, Yorktown Heights. For information, visit www.stpatricks-yorktown.org or call 914-962-5050.

*** end quote ***

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McEneney, Edward J. (MC1959)

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    * Posted on: Sun, Mar 8 2009 6:24 PM

JEmail: Toner, Michael (MC1972) thinks sticks could be useful in my world.

From: Toner, Michael (MC1972)
Date: March 8, 2009 11:58:40 AM EDT
Subject: Re: [Distribute_Jasper_Jottings] JASPER JOTTINGS Week 10

[JR: I'm sure that, being able to beat your opponents with sticks of various sizes while pretending to care where a ball will go, will come in very handy in the future. LOL!]

Dear John,

Perhaps, in your libertarian utopia where there is no “gooferment” to help maintain order – the ability “to beat your opponents with sticks” will be a very useful, and life saving skill – regardless of whether or not there is a ball involved. :-)

mike toner
bee ‘72
buffalo, ny

[JR: In the Libertarian paradise, there will be PRIVATE security companies to maintain order. AND, since everyone will be armed, it will be a VERY polite society. Read Heinlein's book, Beyond This Horizon, and see how polite a society would be. :-) No sticks needed. We should be so lucky as to get to a gooferment-free society.]

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JBlogger: Callender, Gina (2000) on a panel


from Callender, Gina (2000) Gina’s trials and tribulations by Gina

I’m speaking on an Energy Panel tonight at Columbia University!!!

I’m a little nervous, look who I’m speaking with!!! http://gslounge.com/

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[JR: I'm sure she'll do great!]

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    * Posted on: Mon, Mar 9 2009 6:25 PM

ADMINISTRIVIA: A Jasper needs clout NYP-Cornell Medical Center

FROM Caitlin's Caring Bridge site

*** begin quote ***

Apparently, getting the pediatric GI specialist at NYP-Cornell Medical Center to review her case sooner rather than later is easier said than done. I also placed a call to Caitlin’s pediatrician to fill them in and they are looking into pediatric GI doctors as well. Anyone got a pull at NYP??

*** end quote ***

If any of the readers has some “pull” there, a fellow Jasper would appreciate some help.

It might prevent some adverse consequences for this little girl.

Email or call me and I’ll get you in touch.


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[JR: Upon reflection, thanks to all. Several Jaspers ratted out their firends and relatives. It's my understanding that within 24 hours of the original posting our fellow Jasper had what she wanted for her child. Within 48, I understand that the wires into NYP-CMC were melting under the load. Ain't the inet wonderful? Pesonally I handled answers from Hong Kong, Baltimore, Conneticutt, and Westchester County. Made me feel useful as a "troublemaker" just like when I was at the Prep and the College. I prefer these days to be called a "PiA" (Patient Advocate) or AA (A:umni Advocate). ROFL!]

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JFound: Webb, Joe (MC1978) director WhatTheyThink’s Economics RC


WhatTheyThink Announces Innovative Economic Advisory Program
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Customized Program Developed by Dr. Joe Webb Delivers Company-Specific Economic and Industry Analyses Based on More Than 700 Economic Indicators

*** begin quote ***

Lexington, Kentucky USA — WhatTheyThink today announced the availability of a unique economic advisory service for companies in the printing industry as well as financial analysts and others who follow the industry. Through the program, WhatTheyThink experts create custom economic analyses that are specific to the client company and its target market segments, assisting them in better navigating these difficult economic times and creating forecasts for quarterly, annual, and long-term strategic planning.

*** and ***

Dr. Joe Webb is the director of WhatTheyThink’s Economics and Research Center, where managers, researchers and analysts can find free and premium content about industry trends, including forecasts and more. Dr. Webb is a 30-year graphic arts veteran, a recognized marketing authority, forecaster and one of the best known speakers in our industry. He is known for his ability to interpret the latest market conditions in the graphic communications industries and translate what they mean for executives and their strategic decisions. Since January 2003, his “Mondays with Dr. Joe” column has been a must-read feature on WhatTheyThink.

He is a Ph.D. graduate of the NYU Center for Graphic Communications Management and Technology (1987) and serves on the Center’s Board of Advisors. He holds an MBA in Management Information Systems from Iona College (1981) and was a magna cum laude graduate in Managerial Sciences and Marketing from Manhattan College (1978), and was a member of the economics honor society. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in marketing, market research, quantitative analysis, business policy, and organizational behavior. He started in the industry with Agfa’s Graphic Systems Division and was later a marketing executive with Chemco Photoproducts, entering consulting full time in 1987. Among his publications is the controversial “Renewing the Print Industry: A Contrarian’s Constructive Perspective.”

About WhatTheyThink

WhatTheyThink.com is the printing and publishing industry’s leading media organization; offering a wide range of publications delivering unbiased, real-time market intelligence, industry news, economic and trend analysis, peer-to-peer communication, and special reports on emerging technology and critical events. Serving a membership base of more than 50,000, WhatTheyThink.com also hosts webinars and live events as well as providing content through a syndication program, which delivers content directly to related websites and through RSS.

*** end quote ***

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JNews: Nacinovich, Mario [MC1994] QD Healthcare Group VP


QD Healthcare Group Selects Rob Lowney And Mario Nacinovich For Business Development And Strategic Planning Team
Respected Healthcare Veterans Tapped to Join 10-Year-Old Promo Med Ed Firm

*** begin quote ***

Stamford, CT, March 3, 2009 — QD Healthcare Group (www.qdhealthcare.com), a recognized leader in the field of promotional medical education, proudly announces that Rob Lowney and Mario Nacinovich have joined as vice presidents. Reporting directly to Nick Kiratsous, a QD principal, both will be responsible for spearheading client strategy, forging new strategic business opportunities, and developing new revenue products and services.

“For the last decade, QD has successfully engaged pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients locally and globally. Rob and Mario will enable QD to continue to redefine and set the pace for change in our industry and establish a client focus as never seen before,” said Nick Kiratsous. “At QD, we have the vision to make the investment in top-level leadership and talent that will solidify our current base of clients and help us compete for the most sought after, prospective clients for our future.”

{Extraneous Deleted}

Prior to joining QD, Mario briefly served as Chief Growth Officer for Caudex Medical following the merger of Fission Communications, a medical education and communications company he co-founded in 2001 as a division of Regan Campbell Ward McCann, part of the McCann Healthcare Worldwide network. Prior to launching Fission, he served as Vice President, Strategic Planning, Director of Business Development and Vice President of Ophthalmology at Ventiv Health. He began his career at Merck & Co., Inc. and served in various sales and marketing roles launching several primary care, specialty, and hospital acute care products. Mario has a BS in managerial science from Manhattan College, additional graduate studies from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and is currently completing an MSc in Health Communication at Boston University. Mario is President-elect of the Healthcare Communication and Marketing Association (HCMA), Chairman and CEO of the HCMA Education Foundation, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Communication in Healthcare and on the editorial board for the Journal of Management and Marketing in Healthcare.

“Rob and Mario are skilled strategic partners and business leaders who have contributed to the success of several medical education companies over the last decade,” said Nick Kiratsous. “QD is sure to benefit from the breadth and depth of their therapeutic expertise and strength of their pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic experience, which includes product strategy development, advocacy development, advisory and interactive activities, award-winning creative strategies, sales training and development, publication and strategic planning, meeting moderation, and the launch of custom market research (including KOL mapping) and other novel and differentiated communication products and services.”


About QD Healthcare Group

With an exceptional record of achievement, QD Healthcare Group is a recognized leader in the field of healthcare marketing and is dedicated to developing and disseminating promotional medical education. QD is an independent, full-service agency developing and integrating communication plans, driving scientific excellence by linking basic science with product strategy and supporting superior logistics planning and execution. Our experienced team utilizes a proven strategic process that is practical and process-driven. QD core competencies include advocacy development, advisory activities, interactive activities, training and development, and preparation of core editorial content and enduring materials. Our fully scalable capabilities are further distinguished by access to renowned global and national healthcare leaders who provide astute expert opinion and clinical insights to understanding the nuances of local practicing clinicians within all medical disciplines. For more, visit http://www.qdhealthcare.com.

*** end quote ***

Nacinovich, Mario [MC????]

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    * Posted on: Tue, Mar 10 2009 9:53 AM

JOY: Kolakowski, Mary [MC????] Pietrangelo, Chris [MC????] engaged


Mary Kolakowski, Chris Pietrangelo
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Staten Island Advance

*** begin quote ***

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Suzanne and Kenneth Kolakowski of Seaford, L.I., have announced the engagement of their daughter, Mary Beth Kolakowski, to Chris Pietrangelo of Oakwood. The future bridegroom is the son of Doreen and Robert Pietrangelo.

Miss Kolakowski is a graduate of St. Anthony’s High School, South Huntington, L.I. She earned a bachelor of science degree in elementary education from Manhattan College, the Bronx, where she was named to Kappa Delta Phi education honor society, and a master of science degree in special education from Molloy College, Rockville Centre, L.I. She is a fifth-grade teacher with Maria Regina School in Seaford.

Mr. Pietrangelo is a graduate of Monsignor Farrell High School, Oakwood, and earned a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Manhattan College, the Bronx. He is a product engineer with Turner Construction in Hawthorne, N.Y.

The couple is planning a February 2010 wedding.

*** end quote ***

Pietrangelo, Chris [MC????]

Kolakowski, Mary [MC????]

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    * Posted on: Tue, Mar 10 2009 10:53 AM
    * Updated: Wed, Mar 11 2009 1:33 PM

MFOUND: Jim Couch Foundation Workout


Jim Couch Foundation Workout’s @ Manhattan College Charity / Mar 10, 2009 / 8:09 pm
By Sean Couch

At 1:00 PM on Saturday, March 14, 2009, the Couch Foundation will once again kick off its spring free workout program for the New York metropolitan area at Manhattan Draddy Gym. Players of all skill levels are invited to attend. Please bring id, and if your under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian with you. Please check this post on Friday to confirm the time. Mr. Couch will be watching.

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    * Posted on: Tue, Mar 10 2009 9:30 PM

JNews: Mollo, Charles R. [MC1972] founder of iGo, Inc. displeaseD


Former iGo, Inc. Directors and Founder and CEO Send Letter to Board of Directors Expressing Dissatisfaction With Management and Strategic Direction

*** begin quote ***

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 10 /PRNewswire/ — Charles R. Mollo, a stockholder, founder and former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of iGo, Inc., (Nasdaq: IGOI) formerly known as Mobility Electronics, Inc. (the “Company”), and Jeffrey Harris, a stockholder and former director of the Company, announced today that they have delivered a letter to the Company’s board of directors setting forth their dissatisfaction with the management and direction of the Company (the “Mollo/Harris Letter”). A copy of the Mollo/Harris Letter is attached to this press release. In the Mollo/Harris letter, Messrs. Mollo and Harris set forth their proposals for the future operations of the Company and expressed their views that it would be in the best interests of the stockholders of the Company for the existing Chairman of the Board and the existing Chief Executive Officer to resign immediately and for Mr. Mollo and Mr. Harris, together with a third individual, upon approval of his current company’s board of directors, be appointed to the Board of Directors of the Company.

*** and ***

Charles R. Mollo is currently the President and Chief Executive officer of Beamz Interactive, Inc., an interactive music start up company based in Scottsdale Arizona. He was previously one of the founders and was Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of iGo, Inc. until June, 2007, when he retired from that position. He held that position since iGo, Inc.’s formation in May 1995, and was President since July 1999, having previously served as President between March 1997 and June 1998. From September 1992 to May 1995, Mr. Mollo was the director of the Wireless Telephone Products Division of Andrew Corporation, a communications equipment services and systems company. From September 1986 to July 1992, Mr. Mollo was the Vice President of Corporate Development of Alliance Telecommunications Corporation, a wireless telecommunications company. Between 1980 and 1986, Mr. Mollo was a Vice President of Meadows Resources, Inc., where he managed a venture capital and investment portfolio of approximately $150 million. In the past, he has served on the boards of a number of companies, including Alliance Telecommunications Corporation.

Mr. Mollo holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College, a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Newark College of Engineering, and an MBA from the University of New Mexico.

*** end quote ***

Mollo, Charles R. [MC1972]

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    * Posted on: Tue, Mar 10 2009 11:56 PM

JObit: Hanson, Charles J. [MC1953]


Charles J. Hanson

HANSON, Charles J. 81, of Timber Pines, passed away on March 9th at his home. He was a U.S. Navy veteran. He graduated from Manhattan College and retired from New York Telephone Company. He is survived by his loving wife, Maureen of Timber Pines; 4 sons, Steve, Greg, Jeff, and Scott; daughter, Teri; sister, Grace Petty; and 9 grandchildren. Mass will be celebrated on Thursday, March 12th at 11 am at St. Frances Cabrini. Brewer & Sons 352-596-4991

# - # - #

Hanson, Charles J. [MC????]  

Guestbook: http://tinyurl.com/dhtvwo

# - # - #

Feeney, Grace (MCstf): “Charles graduated in 1953.”

[JR: Thanks, Grace. Much appreciated. ]

Hanson, Charles J. [MC1953]

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    * Posted on: Wed, Mar 11 2009 8:32 AM

JFound: guaranteed bag piper playing

best part of walking through manhattan college at night: guaranteed bag piper playing


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[JR: Must be a Jasper?]


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    * Posted on: Wed, Mar 11 2009 2:19 PM

JUpdate: Schreck, Bruno R. (MC1968) Aerial Aesthetics website

Schreck, Bruno R. (MC1968)


*** begin quote ***

The world’s only photo resource specializing in images of the sky, taken from the sky! And much more.

We shoot aerial photos for use in advertising and display; and we publish various products that feature our images. This site includes stock photos which can be licensed for advertising and information on our Air-to-Ground work, including Real Estate photography.

   • We’ve added aerials of Long Island’s East End including the Hamptons.

   Real estate agents and property owners: check out our Real Estate Home Page just for you.

   New! By popular demand, our first Aerial Aesthetics Art Poster is now available. Click Merchandise here or on the Home page.

   • Check out the strong graphics of our pages on The Badlands and other aerial abstractions.

   There are hundreds of photos on this website. These are backed up by over 20,000 large format images in our stock files. Advertising clients can download larger files, suitable for layouts/comps, by calling for a download code. By popular request, we now feature skies which are shot from a ground point of view as well.

*** end quote ***

[JR: Worth a look even if you're not in the market for picture. Definitely if you are! Mention Japser Jottings. Maybe there's a student or alumni discount? LOL]

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    * Posted on: Thu, Mar 12 2009 7:10 AM

JUpdate: Moran, Tom [MC????] play for the Amsterdam Mohawks


Mohawks Sign Moran From Manhattan

The Amsterdam Mohawks of the New York Collegiate Baseball League have signed the talented Tom Moran from Manhattan College. Moran is a 6-7/190 pound right-hander from Farmington, CT. The junior pitcher was a star in the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League last summer. He pitched for the Peekskill Robins, and was named the leagues Top Relief Pitcher. He went 6-0, with a 1.66 era in 48.2 innings pitched. He gave up 34 hits and walked 14 batters. Tom struck out 50 batters and saved 3 games for

# - # - #

Moran, Tom [MC????]

[JR: OK, so when we go to the games to support our fellow, what do we yell? "Go Moe" or "Yeah dams!". Yeah I know, I should get a life. But then you laughed at this.]


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    * Posted on: Thu, Mar 12 2009 9:34 AM

MNews: Publio L. Fajardo Bronx Bethany associate pastor


Bronx Bethany mourns loss of associate pastor
Bronx, New York
Friday, March 6, 2009

*** begin quote ***

Publio L. Fajardo passed away February 26 in The Bronx, New York. He was an associate pastor for Latino Ministries at the Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene.

Publio was born in Columbia on January 23, 1948. He received his undergraduate degree from Fray Bartolome de las Casas. He later graduated from Universidad Nacional de Colombia as a Chemical Engineer. He migrated to the U.S. where he married and worked as a designer of equipment at Manhattan College of New York until he returned to Columbia.

His wife passed away in 1990 and it was during this time that he received the calling from the Lord. A year later while working in the church he met his current wife, Martha, his Marthica. They got married in 1993. They began establishing cell groups, where men met every Saturday. They organized retreats where sometimes up to 200 men attended. He was also a pastor for various zones and worked with families at the Christian Church Confraternidad Unicentro.

In November 2000, he returned to New York City while Martha continued their work in a prison ministry in Santafe de Bogota. During this time he completed his internship at the Westchester Medical Center to perform the work of chaplaincy. From 2002 to 2003, he performed pastoral work in the Church of God. Soon the Lord opened doors for his wife to join him in the U.S. Publio and Martha knew that they had been called to this country for pastoral work. In 2004, the Lord fulfilled His plan. Pastor Publio made contact with pastors who would help him start a Latino Evangelical movement in New York.

At the end of 2005, Pastor Publio came to Bronx Bethany with the aim of working with the Latino community. Their vision to reach Latino people was further confirmation of Bronx Bethany’s vision to be a House of Prayer for all Nations. Pastor Publio and Martha were warmly welcomed and the Latino ministry was officially launched in March 2006. The Ministry has grown; Pastor Publio and Martha have stayed true to their commitment to prayer, meeting each morning at 5:30 A.M. In May 2008, both received their district ministerial license from the Church of the Nazarene.  

On Thursday, February 26, while preparing for church, the Lord called him home peacefully. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and brother. He has been an inspiration, always willing to teach and offer prayer for anyone and everyone.

Bronx Bethany is pastored by Samuel Vassel. A note on the church’s web site said “Pastor Publio, with the support of his wife, Martha, was responsible for the ‘birthing’ of our Latino Ministries at BBCN. Pastor Publio will be missed greatly. He has modeled well for our community what it means to disciple others into the Kingdom.”

–Mission Strategy, NCN News

*** end quote ***

[JR: I don't understand the MC connection?]

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    * Posted on: Thu, Mar 12 2009 5:51 PM

JHQ: MC hosts film fight against modern-day slavery


March 13, 2009

Manhattan College To Host Screening Of Acclaimed Documentary Call+Response

Film explores human rights offenses and fight against modern-day slavery.

RIVERDALE, N.Y. –Manhattan College will host a free screening of the acclaimed documentary Call+Response on Thursday, March 26 at 8:00 p.m. in Smith Auditorium. Following the presentation, director Justin Dillon will lead a discussion about the film and human rights offenses plaguing the world.

As part of the evening, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (District 81) will be honored for his work against human trafficking in New York State. Dinowitz sponsored the bill A.1898-b, The Anti-Human Trafficking Act of 2006, which was officially signed into law by then-Governor Eliot Spitzer in summer 2007.

The event, which is open to the public, is sponsored by JustPeace and Manhattan College’s office of campus ministry and social action.

Referred to as a “rockumentary,” Call+Response uses the power of music and creativity to express the pain and perseverance of the battle against slavery. The film was funded entirely by donations, with all profits going to fund global field projects on the front lines of the human trafficking issue.

Call+Response goes deep undercover to where slavery thrives, from the child brothels of Cambodia to the slave brick kilns of rural India, to reveal that in 2007, slave traders made more money than Google, Nike and Starbucks combined. Luminaries such as Cornel West, Madeleine Albright, Daryl Hannah, Julia Ormond, Ashley Judd, Nicholas Kristof, and many other prominent political and cultural figures offer firsthand accounts of this 21st century trade.

The soundtrack features performances from Grammy-winning and critically acclaimed artists including Moby, Natasha Bedingfield, Cold War Kids, Matisyahu, Imogen Heap, Talib Kweli and Five For Fighting.

For more information about the film, visit the Web site www.callandresponse.com.

Dillon came across the issue of human trafficking while on tour as a musician in Russia. Upon return to the United States, he immediately started to host benefit concerts to help organizations dedicated to the issue support and spread their work. His desire to do a benefit concert quickly grew into Call+Response.

A member of the band Dime Store Prophets in the 1990s, Dillon left to pursue music in the band Tremolo, which was featured on television shows such as The Mountain and North Shore, as well as a variety of MTV shows, including Pimp My Ride, Newlyweds, Bands Reunited, and Dismissed. With the release of the group’s first album, Love Is the Greatest Revenge (2005), Tremolo did something unique; they donated 50 percent of the royalties to charities selected by their fans.

For more information about this event, please contact Sarah Cicuto at (718) 862-8281 or e-mail scicuto.student@manhattan.edu.

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JHQ: MC Hosts 28th Annual Engineering Awareness Program


March 12, 2009

Manhattan College To Host 28th Annual Engineering Awareness Program

RIVERDALE, N.Y. – Manhattan College’s Engineering Awareness Program, which aims to introduce high school students to potential careers in the various fields of engineering, will be held for the 28th straight year in July.

The program is designed for minority and female high school students in science, engineering and SAT preparation at no cost to the students and is co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the ACE Mentorship Program of New York, as well as individual corporate sponsors. It is meant to introduce students to a wide range of engineering-related career options, with some emphasis on civil engineering.

Directed by Dr. Walter Saukin, associate professor of civil engineering at Manhattan College, the Engineering Awareness Program draws students from the surrounding areas with an emphasis on granting minority and female students exposure to engineering while providing them with information about scholarships and financial aid. The program also explores engineering careers in the fields of law, business, medicine and education.

Students for the program are selected in part based on strong mathematics and science abilities and either an interest in, or curiosity about, engineering. The extensive 10-day program, which will be held July 6-9, 13-16, and 20-21, runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 pm and includes:

   * Laboratory experiences in chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering, as well as in physics and chemistry

   * Lectures

   * Work in surveying

   * Computer-aided design session in robotics

   * Aerospace lecture

   * Wide range of guest speakers

   * Laboratory experimental design program

   * Structural project periods

   * Structural competition

   * Environmental engineering laboratory experience

   * SAT testing and strategy sessions

   * Field trip to a structural design company

   * Air Force ROTC

To download an application, click Here. For consideration, please return the application immediately by mail or fax to (718) 862-8035. The program is held in Manhattan College’s Leo Hall, Room 236, at 240th Street and Corlear Avenue in the Riverdale section of the Bronx.

The Engineering Awareness Program strives to: 1) give students insight into academic and professional details related to careers associated with the various branches of engineering; 2) provide students with information regarding applying to college and related scholarship and financial requirements; and 3) recruit and encourage minority and female students to seek a career in engineering or one based on engineering.

Dr. Saukin oversees and directs the Engineering Awareness Program and has been actively involved in planning and curriculum development since its inception. He created and developed a similar summer program at the University of Vermont from 1992-2000 that grew from 20 to 60 students, and he has assisted many students in gaining insight into engineering as a profession.

The program draws students from surrounding high schools in New York City, eastern Long Island, and Westchester and Putnam counties in the state of New York. However, a majority of the students are drawn from the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, northern Manhattan and Yonkers, areas that are heavily populated with minority groups.

Faculty for the summer program consists of the program director and four to six undergraduate Manhattan College engineering students. Additional participants include the College provost, the dean of engineering, about 10 engineering professors, four science professors, the student advisor to the school of engineering, a representative from the director of support services, an assistant to the dean of admissions, and the College’s medical school advisor.

In 1982, the College began summer and year-round sessions for minority high school students under the New York State Department of Education’s Science and Technology Transfer Entry Program. Since 1991, the College has continued this program on its own, with the support of ASCE, later joined by ACE Mentoring Program of New York, and other private funding sources. During the years, the Manhattan College Engineering Awareness Program has introduced more than 4,000 minority and female high school students to higher education and careers in engineering and the sciences. The program introduces students to all six areas of engineering, with some emphasis on civil engineering.

Manhattan College also runs other summer programs that include the Yonkers Program for Yonkers high school students, the BETA Program for Bronx Engineering and Technical Academy students, and three other programs run by the College’s chemical, electrical/computer and mechanical engineering departments

For more information about the Engineering Awareness Program, please contact Dr. Saukin at (718) 862-7171 or e-mail janet.horgan@manhattan.edu.

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MNews: Jaspers “tarred”; deserved or not?


News » Minus Manu, Spurs can’t match up with Lakers
Minus Manu, Spurs can’t match up with Lakers

*** begin quote ***

{Extraneous Deleted}

Travels with Charley

My coach at Hunter College, Mike Fleischer, had played baseball at CCNY and had been a teammate of Floyd Layne’s. Of course, Layne was better known as a basketball player, albeit one who was convicted of conspiring with gamblers to shave points and dump games.

Actually, Layne was one of many. Several others at CCNY, NYU, Manhattan College, LIU, Kentucky, Toledo, and Bradley committed the same crimes and suffered the same fates — expulsion from school, public excoriation, and in some cases prison terms. Several of these disgraced players lived in New York and played weekends in the Eastern League.

It chanced that Hunter’s practice season prefaced the start of the Eastern League’s season by a week or so. And since EL teams rarely had the means to conduct preseason practice sessions, the local EL players were looking for runs. The connection between Coach and Layne resulted in Floyd bringing a team-full of his EL compatriots up to the Bronx to scrimmage the Hunter varsity.

Chief among Floyd’s playmates was Sherman White from LIU, who was without doubt the best player — college or pro — in the world. A smooth 6-7, White was the forerunner of such fliers, leapers and creators as Dr. J and Michael Jordan. Too bad White had been still another victim of the betting scandals.

{Extraneous Deleted}

*** end quote ***

[JR: Now I'm too young to remember the EXACT details, but I think MC is getting tarred here. Need some help from the alums of that era. I think "we" need to correct the record. I don't remember hearing that any Jaspers getting tossed when Junius blew the whistle. Help? If some one has some ideas, I'll chase the author.]

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JFound: “Ka?”, Melissa [MC????] may be “ours”?

Cute College Girl on CollegeHumor



Melissa from hicksville, NY School: Manhattan College Year: Sophomore Major: International Studies

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Worst/best Truth or Dare?

The day after my boyfriend told me he cheated on me (on my prom night, no less!), my friend dared me to go to his house and punch him in the face. Immature? Maybe. But either way we took the ten minute drive to his house and I woke him from his peaceful slumber to land a few left hooks in his mug. Definitely worth the drive and the effort.

*** end quote ***

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[JR: Our MC?]

“Ka?”, Melissa [MC????]

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Comment on JUpdate: Bryk, William (MC1977) has Brooklyn Law Office

By William Bryk

I have opened an office for the practice of law at 578 74th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I specialize in consumer bankruptcy, particularly Chapter 7 cases. My office telephone number is (347) 497-5972.

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Comment on JNews: Nacinovich, Mario [MC1994] QD Healthcare Group VP 

Manhattan College Class of ‘94. Go Jaspers!

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ENDNOTE: Eight years between inspections?

February 08, 2009
Another “Free Market” Problem
Posted by David Kramer at February 8, 2009 07:04 AM

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For those of you following the story about the salmonella outbreak resulting from tainted peanut products that were produced at a Georgia plant–an outbreak which is now responsible for at least eight deaths and 575 illnesses in 43 states, I noticed something quite revealing in this latest report on the incident:

*** and ***

“Some of the problems FDA discovered at the plant in 2001 are similar to those found last month, when federal inspectors returned to the plant after nearly eight years.”

*** and ***

Pretend for a moment that we are living in a country where an FDA-type agency is not forced upon us by the government (You know–like the first 130 years of this country, before the 1906 establishment of the FDA, when the growing population of the U.S. managed to survive without government food inspections). Now let’s pretend that some food retailer–let’s say Kroger–decides that it either wants to have its own food inspection division, or else hire an independent food inspection firm to make periodic inspections of the companies that are supplying the food products which will eventually wind up in the final processed foods that appear on Kroger’s store shelves. Kroger sends its inspectors to the same Georgia plant that the FDA sent its own inspectors. Kroger’s inspectors uncover the same problems that the FDA’s inspectors did. Does anybody reading this blog truly believe that upon hearing this less than stellar (though not catastrophic) report on the Georgia plant from Kroger’s own food inspectors, Kroger would respond, “Thanks for a thorough report. I presume you won’t be performing a follow-up on the plant for another EIGHT YEARS?”

*** end quote ***

[JR: Now, I can see you rolling your eyes, here comes another Libertarian rant. You're right. Ya gotta be kiddin me! EIGHT years? And, you can't tell me that we NEED an FDA! The gooferment kills people.]

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"Bon courage a vous tous"

"Dona Nobis Pacem"