JASPER JOTTINGS Week 36 - 2009 September 06

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POSITRACTION: How little we understand; how we impact the world!


Alien weeds must be pulled up before they seed and chokes native plants, experts warn
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:07 PM on 19th August 2009

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Volunteers across Britain are racing to use a three-week window to stem the invasion of a plant which threatens to take over vast tracts of the countryside.

Teams of workers are pulling up ‘jungles’ of Himalayan Balsam before it can fire its seeds up to 20 feet away to start new colonies.

They have a three-week window when the plant is flowering to pull it up. After the plant has flowered it forms seed pods, each containing up to 2,500 seeds.

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[JR: Humans obviously didn’t understand how they were upsetting the balance by introducing it in the first place. Now it’s a hopeless task to eradicate it. Clearly, there has to be a chemical or other “miracle” solution. To me, it demonstrates how little we really do understand. Maybe this plant does something beneficial that we don’t understand either?]

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    * Posted on: Sun, Aug 30 2009 12:37 AM
    * Updated: Sun, Aug 30 2009 1:31 PM

JFound: Berardelli, Gene (MC1999) runs in Council District 46


Party Nominations: Republican, Conservative
Contact Information: {Privacy Shield Invoked}; http://www.gene-2009.com
Party Enrolled: Republican

Gene also submitted what he sent to the voters guide.

Occupation: Attorney, Civil Litigation; Part Owner & General Counsel, Gotham Sports Media, LLC

Occupational Background: A young civil attorney. Before joining his current firm in Manhattan, Gene was a real estate attorney in private practice in Sheepshead Bay.

Educational Background: A product of Sheepshead Bay H.S., Gene graduated from Manhattan College summa cum laude with a B.A. in Government and International Studies, and a minor in Economics – in three years! He then received his Juris Doctorate from Quinnipiac University School of Law at age 23.

Organizational Affiliations: Gene is Counsel for the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association, member of CB15 CERT, member of the 61st Precinct Community Council, member of the NY County Lawyers Association, and founder of the “Brigham Street Park Project”, an effort to build a waterfront park in Sheepshead Bay.

Prior Public Experience: Gene worked as a Capitol Intern for Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) and as legal assistant to the Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly.

What is the most important issue in Council District 46 you would address if elected?

We need to fix the local economy and stop squeezing all of us with increased taxes. Government needs to be leaner that it is now – providing essential services with limited taxation. We must explore and adopt innovation and face the fact that simply because the business of the city has been traditionally handled a certain way does not make it the right way.

What other important issues would you address if elected?

The City Council needs to redeem itself in the voters’ eyes after Councilman Fidler and 28 others gave in to the Mayor and repealed term limits. I’ll support putting term limits back to YOU – the voters – and making all voter referendums amendable ONLY by another voter referendum.

What makes you the best candidate for this office?

I come from the grassroots of the community and have successfully worked to get tangible results in Sheepshead Bay and other neighborhoods. We got our hands dirty and did the work our Councilman should’ve done – but took credit for anyway. I won’t forget where I come from and I will keep working FOR you, not against you.

We’re always told to pick the fights we can win. I will fight the fights you think are worth fighting.

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Berardelli, Gene (MC1999)

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    * Posted on: Sun, Aug 30 2009 1:37 PM

MFound: MC Prof’s comments on Teilhard remembered


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Catholic orthodoxy Saturday, Aug 29 2009

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Bergson, Catholic, Catholics of France, Christianity, Great War, Holy See, Jesuits, Kingdom of God, New age, Pope, Pope Benedict, Sons of Jesus, Thomist, Vatican, World War I evadgorf 12:00 pm

The Roman Catholic Church refused permission for Pierre to publish anything except technical scientific papers during his lifetime. After his death, his estate printed his books. The church had no control. In June 1962 the Vatican Holy Office issued a Monitum (just prior to the opening of Vatican II) saying that Teilhard’s writings “abound in ambiguous statements concerning matters of philosophy and theology, and serious errors, that offend Catholic doctrine.” The Holy See did not elaborate. Donald P. Gray, a professor of religious studies at Manhattan College spoke at Marist College in 2005 on the fiftieth anniversary of Teilhard’s death. He said that the condemnation would have been much worse except that the same year Father Henri de Lubac wrote his book The Religion of Teilhard de Chardin (Le Pensée religieuse du Père Teilhard de Chardin). The censors of the book ordered that the book not be reprinted. The first printing was tripled and sent to the warehouse so copies would always be available for posterity. “In his spiritual writings Père Teilhard was always more concerned to define an interior attitude than to lay bare the dogmatic foundations. They do, indeed emerge in many of his writings and are given prominence, but they are not the object of a study in any way comparable to that we find in The Phenomenon of Man or Le Milieu Divin.

*** end quote ***

[JR: I found this humorous since we injineers had to discuss "Telly Hard" in comparison to "Danny Lou" in Father Bruce Ritter's Theology class. He was inflicted with the "barbarians from down the hill". Sigh. ... ... reporting from down memory lane, fjohn68.]

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    * Posted on: Sun, Aug 30 2009 2:41 PM

JNews: Baird, Bob (MC1969) writes a reverie or a memory


Summer of memories
By Bob Baird • Journal News Columnist • August 30, 2009

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Sooner or later, everyone has that moment when we realize we’re closer to life’s finish line than we are to the starting gate.

It’s not usually something we obsess about, but as birthdays and other life milestones pass, there are times when you can’t help but accept that the years and the memories are both piling up and, sadly, slipping away.

For my generation, this summer has been one of those times when the memories, good and bad, have been in your face.

I’m still healthy, still love what I do for a living and in my spare time, and I look forward to many positive markers along life’s path.

But I’ve had a hard time pushing aside the memories and ignoring the links in life’s chain stretching back 40 years to the summer of 1969.

I should have graduated from Manhattan College that June but didn’t, mostly because I had spent 1968 majoring in being editor of the college newspaper. It not only cut into my class attendance, but it fueled a change of career plans, from teaching physical education and coaching to being a journalist.

Forty years later, I’m still at it, despite changing readership needs and habits, and technology that has shifted from Linotype machines spewing out stories in hot lead to writing news nuggets on my cell phone.

*** and ***

That July and August, I worked in New York City, at a commercial banking company. My father was well into a 40-year career there and now, after 36 years at the newspaper, I understand what an accomplishment that was.

*** and ***

My dad and I found a special closeness in dealing with my mother’s illness and death. As my career in journalism hits the 40-year mark, my youngest daughter, Kelly, is on course from starting on a path in what has been the family business since 1865.

And this summer, I’ve found myself forced – sometimes, admittedly, without too much pressure – to confront the memories.

This has been a summer of anniversaries, celebrations of past joys. But some of the ‘69 Mets are gone. The mud-covered revelers who bathed nude at Woodstock are now retired Baby Boomers and grandmothers. Kelly’s got a birthday looming, but next time around she’ll be 25, Sean 30 and Tracy 35 – hardly children.

*** and ***

No matter how one feels about his politics, his actions at Chappaquiddick and his legacy as a senator, his passing marks an end to an era, closing the loop that began with John, passed through Bobby and ends with the last brother’s battle with brain cancer.

*** and ***

It’s how we say goodbye to memories, making room for the new experiences that come later in life, if we’re lucky enough to recognize them.

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Baird, Bob (MC1969)

[JR: Worth reading the whole thing! I just did "fair use".]

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    * Posted on: Sun, Aug 30 2009 2:59 PM

JFound: Moran, Thomas J. (MC1974)


Thomas J. Moran
Business Leader
1996 Recipient

Thomas J. Moran was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Mutual of America Life Insurance Company in October 1994 and was previously appointed President and Chief Operating Officer in 1992. Prior to his appointment in 1992, Mr. Moran served as Executive Vice President. In this capacity, Mr. Moran was responsible for Mutual of America’s 36 field offices across the United States and all marketing and corporate communication activities. He implemented the Company’s deployment of service support to its regional offices and introduced Hotline, a nationwide, on-line system, allowing clients direct access to their benefit records.

Mr. Moran began his insurance career with Mutual of America in 1975 as a pension underwriter. Since then, he has worked in several areas of the Company, has participated on various committees of the American Council of Life Insurance and is a member of the Board of the Life Insurance Council of New York.

Currently, Mr. Moran is a member of the Boards of Directors of: the Life Insurance Council of New York, the United Way of New York City, the National Center for Disability Services, the National Committee on American Foreign Policy, the University College Dublin Graduate School of Business, Genovese Drug Stores Inc., and Manhattan College. He has been awarded the Cavalry Medal, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Terence Cardinal Cooke Award.

A native New Yorker, Moran attended Manhattan College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.

Mutual of America Life Insurance Company provides retirement products to not-for-profit organizations and their employees. Retirement, life insurance, and investment management products and services are offered to corporations, institutions and individuals through its subsidiaries. Established in 1945, the company, headquartered on Park Avenue in New York City, is considered one of the strongest life insurance companies in the United States and has salaried sales representatives in 36 field offices nationwide and over $8.7 billion in consolidated assets.

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Moran, Thomas J. (MC1974)

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    * Posted on: Sun, Aug 30 2009 3:09 PM

JNews: Pesce, Richard [MC????] life long learner


Pesce earns bioethics degree

Dr. Richard Pesce, FCCP, FACP, Critical Care Intensivist with Memorial Hospital, has received a master’s degree in bioethics from Alden March Bioethics Institute of Albany Medical College in Albany, N.Y.

Dr. Pesce is a graduate of Manhattan College in Riverdale, N.Y. He earned his medical degree from Albany Medical College of Union University in Albany. He served at the Naval Regional Center in San Diego, where he completed his internship in internal medicine and earned a fellowship in internal medicine and pulmonary disease.

Dr. Pesce is board-certified in internal medicine, pulmonary disease and critical care medicine. He is a Fellow in the American College of Physicians and the American College of Chest Physicians.

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Pesce, Richard [MC????]

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    * Posted on: Sun, Aug 30 2009 4:17 PM

JUpdate: Stein, Michelle (MC2009) at US PTO

Stein, Michelle (MC2009)
United States Patent & Trademark Office

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    * Posted on: Sun, Aug 30 2009 8:16 PM

JNews: Kelly, Raymond W. [MC1963] gets a NYT puff peice


Many Splendid Ties, but Just One Knot
Vincent Laforet/The New York Times
Published: August 30, 2009

*** begin quote ***

Mr. Kelly was a young boy when his father, James, a milkman, first taught him how to fold the fabric of a necktie into the thick, triangular form of a Windsor knot. And as he went through Roman Catholic schools, Manhattan College and the Marine Corps — institutions synonymous with formal dress — Mr. Kelly’s tie knots were dutiful studies in sturdiness and sharp angles.

*** end quote ***

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Kelly, Raymond W. [MC1963]

[JR: NYT puff piece. Guess he's going to run for mayor, senator, or something?]

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    * Posted on: Mon, Aug 31 2009 7:39 AM

JEmail: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) ids Austin, Brian [MC1979]

RE: Austin, Brian [MC????] on Finnerty, John J. [MC1979 RIP]

Dear John,

   I believe that Brian is a member of the Class of 1979.


[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Austin, Brian [MC1979]

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    * Posted on: Mon, Aug 31 2009 7:43 AM

JNews: Brown, Durelle [MC2001] plays overseas


Osgood event an important stop on basketball world tour
Sunday, August 30, 2009 10:14 PM EDT

*** begin quote ***

NEW BRITAIN — Though he couldn’t hide his disappointment in losing in the Osgood Shootout Open division semifinals for the first time in four years, New Britain native Durelle Brown still has a lot to smile about these days.

The former Manhattan College and overseas basketball star was recently inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame, but not for his college and professional accomplishments.

*** and ***

Brown, who graduated from Manhattan in 2001, has been playing professional overseas ever since.

*** and ***

In his travels, Brown has played two seasons in Holland, one in Spain and five in South America. Brown is also taking into account the safety and security of his two traveling companions — his pregnant fiancee and their first child.

*** end quote ***

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Brown, Durelle [MC2001]

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    * Posted on: Mon, Aug 31 2009 8:52 AM

JEmail: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957) opines

I realize this is only “more consevative dribble” which any good thinking Liberal will ignore or discount as tripe, but I’m sending it anyway. Maybe a few will be open-minded enough to read it.

Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957)


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[JR: Ahh yes, the current crop of Socialists in DC can't seize power over things fast enough! Will it be possible to unravel it?]

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    * Posted on: Mon, Aug 31 2009 2:25 PM

JHQ: Undergraduate Engineering Programs Reaccredited By ABET


August 31, 2009

Manhattan College’s Undergraduate Engineering Programs Reaccredited By ABET

RIVERDALE, N.Y. – Manhattan College’s six undergraduate engineering programs – chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental and mechanical – have been reaccredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET, Inc., the recognized accreditor for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering and technology.

In addition to the continued accreditation of the undergraduate programs, the College has received accreditation for its master’s of engineering degree in environmental engineering. The accreditation of the master’s degree is retroactive to Oct. 1, 2007.

“I am very pleased that the Manhattan College engineering programs have earned reaccreditation and that we will now be able to offer an accredited master’s of engineering degree in environmental engineering,” says Dr. Tim Ward, dean of the school of engineering. “It is through the hard work of the engineering faculty, staff and students that we have been able to demonstrate the quality of our programs.”

Accreditation by ABET – the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology – is considered the gold standard for engineering programs and is based on numerous factors, including faculty quality, facilities, and success of students in achieving stated program outcomes.

The evaluations of the programs are based on substantive self-studies and an on-campus visit by an ABET team, consisting of subject matter experts, which took place in October 2008. Since each program is accredited individually, the school of engineering itself does not receive “accreditation.”

ABET is a federation of 30 professional and technical societies representing the fields of applied science, computing, engineering and technology. Among the most respected accreditation organizations in the United States, ABET has provided leadership and quality assurance in higher education for more than 75 years. It currently accredits some 2,800 programs at more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide. Over 1,500 dedicated volunteers participate annually in ABET activities.

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    * Posted on: Mon, Aug 31 2009 2:40 PM

JFound: Murphy, Thomas [MC????] runs remembered


*** begin quote ***

The highlight of this post-Olympic meet in London, between the U.S. and a team from the British Commonwealth, was the 2-mile relay. Ernie Cunliffe(1:51.2) and U.S. Trials champion Tom Murphy(1:52.5) held their own on the first two “tactical” legs against Tony Blue (Australia/1:51.1) and George Kerr (Jamaica/1:51.9), but their splits were far off their respective personal bests of 1:46.6 and 1:46.7. 1/4-miler Jack Yerman’s 1:49.1 3rd leg put the U.S. into the lead over Great Britain’s Tom Farrell, who split 1:50.3. Jerry Siebert, recovered from the illness that slowed him in Rome, sped his first lap in a quick 50.8, with Olympic 800 champion Peter Snell (New Zealand) in hot pursuit. The two went stride-for-stride until the final straightaway, when Snell pulled away from Siebert(1:46.6) to give the Commonwealth team the win. Snell’s anchor split was a sensational 1:44.8, which was far superior to the current world record for 800-meters(1:45.7).. The winning time of 7:18.0 was well under the world record of 7:20.9, but, since the team was comprised of runners from different countries, the mark was unacceptable for record purposes. The U.S., which ran 7:19.4, got credit for thw new world record, which was some consolation to Cunliffe, Murphy, and Siebert, who were all eliminated in the semi-finals of the 800 at the Rome Olympics. Yerman and Siebert were members of the University of California team that held the previous World Record.

*** and ***



Probably my BIGGEST omition = Tom Murphy.

I coached his grandson (Thomas Murphy) while I was at St. Anthony’s HS. Tom (Sr.) was a tremendous source of information/ inspiration for me as I led my Friars through their respective paces while at SAHS. He and his wife (and son Keith and his wife) were dear friends. Young Thomas went on to run for the Jaspers at Manhattan College (like Grandpa) and younger brother Pat Murphy will be a senior at SAHS this year.

*** end quote ***

Murphy, Thomas [MC????]

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    * Posted on: Mon, Aug 31 2009 4:27 PM

MFound: New EVP Provost for MC?


Executive Vice President and Provost

*** begin quote ***

Manhattan College seeks a dynamic, innovative, and collaborative leader to assume the position of EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND PROVOST. This search follows thirteen years of exemplary leadership by current Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Weldon Jackson.

*** end quote ***

[JR: More change coming?]

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Campus News
Weldon Jackson ’72 Named College’s New Provost

(May, 13, 2009) — Weldon Jackson ’72, executive vice president and provost at Manhattan College in New York, has been named Morehouse’s new provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs.

Jackson returns to campus after serving as Morehouse’s vice president for Academic Affairs from 1985 through 1996 before leaving for Manhattan. He will assume his new post full time on Jan. 1, 2010.

“An accomplished political scientist and academic administrator, Dr. Jackson will play a critical role in advancing the Renaissance at Morehouse College,” said President Robert M. Franklin Jr. ‘75. “During the fall semester, as provost-elect, he will advise me as a consultant on academic and administrative services. Dr. John Williams, who has served as interim senior vice president for Academic Affairs since August 1, 2008, will continue to provide leadership during this transition period until Dr. Jackson joins Morehouse full time.”

In addition to his bachelor’s degree from Morehouse, Jackson earned a doctorate from Harvard University. He taught political science at Wellesley College from 1977 to 1984 before coming to Morehouse in 1985.

“In returning to Morehouse, my goal is quite simple — to assist President Franklin in affirming the excellence that is synonymous with Morehouse,” Jackson said. “We all seek to affirm excellence by challenging mediocrity. President Franklin’s clarion call for a renewal of Morehouse to graduate Renaissance Men with social conscience and global perspective reverberates throughout the halls of the academy. I consider it a privilege to be asked to join the College and assist in enhancing our institutional capacity to give the world Renaissance Men that it so desperately needs.”

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[JR: MC's loss. Weldon was a "good guy" and he put up with me and my suggestions. Hope the next person is as patient.]

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    * Posted on: Mon, Aug 31 2009 5:19 PM
    * Updated: Tue, Sep 1 2009 12:33 AM

JOY: Perrotta, Stephen [MC????] gets engaged


Katherine Assante, Stephen Perrotta are engaged
by Staten Island Advance
Tuesday September 01, 2009, 5:29 AM

*** begin quote ***

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Katherine Assante of Travis and Stephen Perrotta of Atlanta, Ga., and formerly of Oakwood, are engaged. The future bride is the daughter of Joann and Richard Assante, who have made the announcement. The prospective bridegroom is the son of Mary and Robert Perrotta of Oakwood.

Miss Assante is a graduate of Moore Catholic High School, Graniteville. She earned a bachelor of science degree in secondary education and social studies, with a concentration in music literature, from the State University of New York at Oneonta, and a master of arts degree in history from the College of Staten Island. She is a seventh- and eighth-grade social studies teacher with Charles O. Dewey Middle School in Brooklyn.

Mr. Perrotta is a graduate of Monsignor Farrell High School, Oakwood, and earned a bachelor of science degree in finance from Manhattan College, the Bronx. He is an aviation insurance underwriter with AIU in Atlanta.

A July 2010 wedding is being planned.

# – # – #

Perrotta, Stephen [MC????]

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    * Posted on: Tue, Sep 1 2009 8:53 AM

JEmail: An anonymous Jasper comments

Re: HealthCare

I am gravely concerned about what is happening in the healthcare debate. It is terribly partisan. The result will be exactly what we fear, euthanasia. The democratic proposal is problematic because of the abortion and euthanasia that will continue to ensue. The republican response falsely claims to be against euthanasia. The problem is that the government and the insurance companies both want euthanasia to save money.

I saw this 1st hand a month ago when my mother died. The hospital, insurance company, and hospice put a strong hard sell on my sister (who had power of attorney) to pull the IV and send mom to hospice. Mom, age 84, had been improving very slowly, but improving nonetheless. There were several medications that could have been tried, but the hospital had no interest, and said there was nothing that could be done for her.

I believe that the real interest here was that Medicare was not paying enough to satisfy the hospital. I thought that mom’s additional private health care policy would have solved that problem, but apparently not. I have never seen so much pressure from medical people to stop treatment.

Treatment was eventually stopped and my mom died within 4 days.

The democrats clamor for healthcare. The republicans clamor against it, but this is only misdirection. Neither the government, nor the insurance companies and hospitals can be trusted where money is concerned. We need some form of healthcare improvement, but it must put us back in control, not the insurance companies. A free market must be re-established in health care.

I do not know the answer, but both of the alternatives put forth lead to euthanasia,

Anonymous Jasper

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[JR: The end of life decision is the most difficult. One can only guess what the eventual outcome would have been. Rationing either by Insurance or by one's own pocketbook is tough. I can only imagine if the "DMV POST OFFICE" is in charge. Neither "party" is trustworthy. My POV is that the further from the individual the more the decision can be abused for the "wrong" reasons. I haven't had to made that tough decision yet, but expect to have to sooner or later.]

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    * Posted on: Tue, Sep 1 2009 4:03 PM

MObit: Salm, Brother Luke FSC (MCfac RIP)

To: The Manhattan College Community

From:      Brennan O’Donnell, President
               Brother Timothy Murphy, FSC, Director
                 Christian Brothers Community

It is with deep sadness that we write to inform you of the death of Brother Luke Salm, FSC, professor emeritus of religious studies, trustee emeritus, and a beloved member of the Manhattan College community for more than a half century. He died Monday evening, peacefully, at De La Salle Hall, Lincroft, New Jersey, where he had been in hospice care. Brother Luke was 88 years old.

A native of Albany, N.Y., Brother Luke graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in that city and received his bachelor’s, master’s and a licentiate in theology from the Catholic University of America. A member of Manhattan’s faculty since 1955, he served on the college’s Board of Trustees from 1991 through 2002. In addition to his work at Manhattan, he taught at Maryknoll Seminary, St. Mary’s College in California, and De La Salle College in Washington, D.C. He began his teaching career at La Salle Academy in New York City in 1945. He was a past president of the Catholic Theological Society and delegate to the 39th, 40th, 41st and 42nd General Chapters of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

A prolific writer, Brother Luke served for ten years as the editor of Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America and Proceedings of the Society of Catholic College Teachers of Sacred Doctrine. In addition to numerous articles on theology and religious life, he authored ten books, most of them dealing with the history of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, including the biography of the founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, entitled The Work is Yours: The Life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. In retirement, he served as the archivist for the De La Salle Christian Brothers archives of the New York District.

A wake will be held in the Chapel of the Holy Infancy, Memorial Hall, on Friday, September 4, from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. His funeral Mass will be celebrated on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. in the Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers.

Brother Luke was the oldest of eight children born to John and Elizabeth Salm. He is survived by his sisters, Teresa Austin, Alice Moore, Cecilia [Honey] O’Leary; a brother, Marcus Salm; and many nieces and nephews.  

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

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    * Posted on: Tue, Sep 1 2009 4:56 PM

JHQ: MC to host film premier on 9/10


September 1, 2009

Manhattan College To Host Premier Of Film On Evolution Of Mexican-American Music

RIVERDALE, N.Y. – Manhattan College will host the premiere of the film The Chicano Wave/La Onda Chicana, a documentary which explores the evolution of Mexican-American music. The event, presented by the history department, modern foreign languages and the provost’s office in celebration of Latino Heritage Month, will be held on Thursday, Sept. 10 in the Rodriguez Room of Miguel Hall.

The film, to be broadcast nationally in October as part of the four-hour series Latin Music USA, examines the struggle of Chicano artists – among them Ritchie Valens, Freddie Fender, Los Lobos, Linda Ronstadt and Selena – against discrimination and their move from the fringes to the national stage, profoundly influencing American popular music in the process.

In attendance during the premiere will be the producer, John Valadez, who has been making and directing award-winning, nationally broadcast documentaries for PBS and CNN for the past 14 years. He directed the critically acclaimed Passin’ It On about a former leader of the Black Panther Party who was falsely imprisoned for 19 years for the PBS series POV. His most recent film, The Last Conquistador, aired in 2008 on POV.

Valadez has twice been a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow, is a Rockefeller Fellow, a PBS/CPB Producers Academy Fellow, a founding member of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) and currently sits on the board of trustees of the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar.

Latin Music USA features a fast-paced mix of music and interviews. It will air in English on PBS, narrated by acclaimed actor Jimmy Smits, during two evenings (Oct. 12 & 19) with an available Spanish-language track. The series will also air on V-me, the fastest-growing Hispanic TV network in history, fully translated and narrated in Spanish.

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    * Posted on: Wed, Sep 2 2009 7:58 AM
    * Updated: Wed, Sep 2 2009 11:21 AM

JNews: O’Bannon, Deb [MC????] quoted


Copper Tubing May Be Catalyst For Illness
Posted by: Mike Markewinski
Last Update: 9/01 8:34 pm

*** begin quote ***

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A UMKC professor says it is possible copper piping is to blame for the recent outbreak of illnesses at Mi Ranchito restaurant in Lenexa, Kan.

Restaurant officials say the pipe in the soda machine caused 20 people to become sick on Sunday.

They claim the carbonated water caused a chemical reaction in the copper tubing after it backed up.

Deb O’Bannon, an associate professor of Engineering at UMKC, said carbonated water contains a high amount of acid and could cause something called Carbonic Acid Poisoning, which can make a person sick.

“Copper would be one of the things you would have a much faster response to because it is all normal like an infection that needs to build in your body like food poising,” said O’Bannon.

Restaurant officials say the water and copper are not intended to mix, but did so because the lines were not installed properly.

{Extraneous Deleted}

# – # – #

O’Bannon, Deb [MC????]

[JR: Mike's not the only one who can recognize names! (Of course, I cheated.)]

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    * Posted on: Wed, Sep 2 2009 3:34 PM

MNews: The Draddy Trophy


Academic award to be renamed for software exec

(AP) – 2 hours ago

DALLAS — The Draddy Trophy, given annually to the top scholar-athlete in college football, will be renamed for Bill Campbell, chairman of the software company Intuit and a former player and coach at Columbia University.

The National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame made the announcement Wednesday.

The NFF has been awarding the Draddy Trophy, along with a $25,000 scholarship for post-graduate studies, since 1990.

The trophy was named after the late Vincent dePaul Draddy, who served as NFF chairman for 19 years. He played quarterback at Manhattan College and went on to develop the Izod clothing brand.

Campbell was the captain of the 1961 Columbia Ivy League championship team. He lives in Palo Alto, Calif.

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[JR: Guess everything gets "updated"! Sic gloria transit mundi.]

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    * Posted on: Wed, Sep 2 2009 3:56 PM

JHQ: MC reports Brother Luke Salm’s passing


September 2, 2009

Manhattan College’s Brother Luke Salm, Professor Emeritus Of Religious Studies, Passes Away At 88

RIVERDALE, N.Y. – Brother Luke Salm, F.S.C., professor emeritus of religious studies and a beloved member of the Manhattan College community for more than a half century, passed away on Monday. He was 88.

Salm was a past president of the Catholic Theological Society and delegate to the 39th, 40th, 41st and 42nd General Chapters of the De La Salle Christian Brothers. A native of Albany, N.Y., he graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in that city and received his bachelor’s, master’s and a licentiate in theology from The Catholic University of America.

A member of Manhattan’s faculty since 1955, Salm also taught at Maryknoll Seminary, St. Mary’s College in California, and De La Salle College in Washington, D.C. He began his teaching career at La Salle Academy in New York City in 1945. A prolific writer, Salm served for 10 years as the editor of Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America and Proceedings of the Society of Catholic College Teachers of Sacred Doctrine.

In addition to numerous articles on theology and religious life, he authored 10 books, most of them dealing with the history of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, including the biography of the founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, entitled The Work is Yours: The Life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

In retirement, Salm served as the archivist for the De La Salle Christian Brothers archives of the New York District.

A wake will be held on Friday, Sept. 4 from 3:00-9:00 p.m and a funeral mass will be celebrated on Saturday, Sept. 5 at 9:30 a.m. in Manhattan College’s Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers. Internment will follow at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Valhalla, N.Y.

Born John Francis Salm on April 26, 1921 as the first of eight children to John and Elizabeth, Salm graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in 1938 before entering the Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1940.

After becoming the first religious Brother and non-cleric to earn a Doctorate in Theology from the Catholic University of American in 1955, he was sent to Manhattan College to reorganize the religion department. Teaching within the new liberal arts program, he injected theology into the curriculum and developed new courses on dogmatic theology. He eventually went on to serve as chairman of the theology/religious studies department from 1962-1970 and as director of the graduate theology program from 1970-1978.

With his esteemed status as the ranking Brother theologian, Salm was elected to represent the New York Province at the 39th General Chapter, the “renewal” chapter called for by Vatican II and held in Rome in 1966 and 1967. He was re-elected to the 1976, 1986 and 1993 chapters.

Salm was awarded honorary degrees from La Salle University, St. Mary’s College and Lewis University. His other honors include the National Assembly of Religious Brother’s Proclaimer Award, which he received in 1986, and the Manhattan College Trustee’s Teacher Scholar Award in 1983.

A member of the Manhattan College board of trustees and board of directors of the Liturgical Conference, Salm also served eight years as treasurer of the Council on the Study of Religion. He was a member of the International Committee on Vows and the International Committee for the Redaction of the Rule of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

Salm is survived by his sisters, Teresa Austin, Alice Moore, Cecilia (Honey) O’Leary; a brother, Marcus Salm; and many nieces and nephews.

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Thu, Sep 3 2009 12:31 PM

JFound: Trynosky, Steve (MC1968) remembers an MC prof


SK Trynosky Sr. said

September 2, 2009 at 5:59 pm

*** begin quote ***

Here’s one for you guys. Note that the current fad is for Conservative talk show hosts to complain that the Obama Czar’s by and large are Communists, not just Socialists but out and out professed Communists.

The MSM’s response is: Yawn.

That is how wonderfully successful our educational system is in brainwashing us. Take a political philosophy which outlasted nazism by almost a century, has triple (at least) the body count of the Nazi’s and make it a viable acceptable alternative governmental choice.

Answer me this, if Obama had appointed openly avowed fascists, exactly how long would have it been before the articles of impeachment were written?

Sorry to get (maybe) off track here but the discussion of left wing faculty and what they can do hit me personally. There was this one Ronald J. Christ, assistant professor of modern literature at Manhattan College who felt it was his duty in 1967-8 to spend the entire semester on the Viet Nam War and the sex habits of LBJ, Mrs. LBJ and the LBJ daughters. Having had enough after eight or so sessions I called him on it publically and not tactfully. I ended up the year with a D. Never ever in my life did I ever get below a B plus in a lit class. That SOB rankles me to this day.

*** end quote ***

# – # – #

Trynosky, Steve (MC1968)

[JR: GO gettum Steve. Steve and I hung together in High School. It's not stretch of the imagination to envision him in class not being "tactful". Last time we had dinner together with the rest of the Prepsters, he was still getting riled about College Professors. I greed, just can't get my BP up. ROFL, fjohn68]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Thu, Sep 3 2009 12:46 PM

JEmail: Moore, Kevin (MC1980) reports on Brother Luke Salm

Dear CIC,

  It is with a heavy heart that I write inform you of the passing of my uncle, Br. Luke Salm on Monday August 31, 2009. He taught at the College for over 50 years and was an inspiration to many students. There is a very nice tribute to him posted on the College’s website, explaining his many accomplishments. The wake will be tomorrow from 3:00pm-9:00pm at the Brother’s chapel and the funeral Mass will be at 9:30am on Saturday at the same location. May he rest in peace.

Kevin Moore  

[JR: This is indeed sad news. The biggest loss is to all those students, who didn't or won't have a chance to learn from him. I always wonder what insights we lose when others pass.]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Thu, Sep 3 2009 5:52 PM

JOY: Hanzus, Siobhan [MC????] weds


Keith Ax & Siobhan Hanzus
Thursday, September 3, 2009
Last updated: Thursday September 3, 2009, 1:45 PM
Pascack Valley Community Life

Emerson – Keith Ax and Siobhan Hanzus were married on May 29 in a ceremony held in Church of the Holy Trinity in Spring Lake. A reception followed at Breakers on The Ocean Hotel in Spring Lake.

Siobhan’s Matron of Honor was her aunt, Kerri Allen. Her bridesmaids were Elizabeth Ruane, Melanie Ax and Erin Ax. Her junior bridesmaid was Melanie Carson and her flower girl was Cayleigh Carson.

Keith’s Best Man was Mitchell Kannry. His groomsmen Mike Corizzi, Yerrant Dermenjian, Daniel Hanzus, Kevin Hanzus, Coral Parmar, Justin Johansky, Mustafa Cassubhai and Joseph Orecchio.

The bride is the daughter of Keith and Debbie Hanzus of Pearl River, N.Y. Siobhan is a graduate of Pearl River High School and Manhattan College.

The groom is the son of Glen and Donna Ax. Keith is a graduate of Emerson High School and Saint Thomas Aquinas College.

Keith and Siobhan are currently employed at Active International, a media company located in Pearl River.

The couple resides in Piermont.

# – # – #

Hanzus, Siobhan [MC????]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Thu, Sep 3 2009 6:03 PM

JEmail: Zbacnik, Raymond Eric (MC1977) doesn't care for 8/31

Zbacnik, Raymond Eric (MC1977) sent you a message.


Subject: St. Raymond Coincidence

Please confirm that Brother Luke Salm died on the Feast of St. Raymond Nonnatus, 31 August 2009. Nonnatus = not born. Like St. Raymond, my patron Saint, my mother was not conscious when I was born; and I was delivered by a doctor who lost his wife during delivery of her child.

Polish Discalced Carmelites in Munster, IN have said about 5000 Masses for my intentions, so I need to add Brother Luke Salm to the list; just want to confirm the coincidence.

September 2, 2009

Manhattan College’s Brother Luke Salm, Professor Emeritus Of Religious Studies, Passes Away At 88

RIVERDALE, N.Y. – Brother Luke Salm, F.S.C., professor emeritus of religious studies and a beloved member of the Manhattan College community for more than a half century, passed away on Monday. He was 88. Monday was 31 August, Feast of St. Raymond Nonnatus.

My aunt died on 31 Aug 2008

Carol E. Gigliotti

Carol E. Gigliotti, 73, of Brunswick, passed away Sunday, Aug. 31, 2008, at her residence.

She was born April 28, 1935, in Cleveland. She was a bank manager for National City Bank. She was a longtime member of the St. Ambrose parish choir. She enjoyed her faith, family and friends.

Mrs. Gigliotti is survived by her husband of 53 years, Thomas E. Gigliotti of Brunswick; sons, Thomas V. (Sharon) Gigliotti of Lyndhurst and Paul E. (Kelly) Gigliotti of North Royalton; daughter, Laura A. (Joseph) Peeper of Cleveland; sister, Jeanette Zbacnik of Fort Wayne, Ind (MY MOTHER).; grandchildren, Cathy, Marie, Hannah, Joshua, Tommy, Marla, Jessica and Paul; and great-grandchild, Miguel


My Aunt Hilarija Zbacnik Pugel was born 31 August 1919 in Cleveland.

Name: Hilda Pugel

Birth Date: 31 August 1919 (Historical Events)

Death Date: 14 October 2000 (Historical Events)

Issuing State: Ohio

Residence at Death: Rancho Cucamonga,San Bernardino,California 91701

# – # – #

[JR: Amazing how dates work out. But there are only 365 possibilities. So statistically ... ... The Jasper community is worse for the loss.]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Thu, Sep 3 2009 9:07 PM

JFound: Di Stefano, Giorgio [MC????] points out MC resource


Back to School, Back to Work Starts Now
on One Day, One Job from 21 hours ago
   I attended Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY. The school is small with only about 3,000 undergrads so the career services center isn’t large. They have a career services website which has job openings, links to websites for searching for career specific jobs and help writing resumes (http://www.manhattan.edu/student_life/career-ccd/links.html). Other then that, the only use of social media the school uses is a LinkedIn. The group is called “Manhattan College Career Development Alumni Networking Group” and it relies on members of the group to post job openings that they have heard about either from friends or at there current employers (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=2219244).
   If you search Facebook and LinkedIn for Manhattan College, there are countless other groups that are student run and pretty much accomplish the same thing as the school run group.
Giorgio Di Stefano

# – # – #

Di Stefano, Giorgio [MC????]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Fri, Sep 4 2009 8:13 AM

JFound: Hayes, Cardinal Patrick [MC1888 RIP] is blooged about


McNamara’s Blog: Cardinal Patrick Hayes (1867-1938)
By Pat McNamara

*** begin quote ***

He attended parochial schools conducted by the Christian Brothers and graduated in 1888 from Manhattan College. To study for the priesthood he attended the diocesan seminary at Troy, N.Y., and was ordained in 1892. …

*** end quote ***

Hayes, Cardinal Patrick [MC1888 RIP]

[JR: For whom Hayes library is named. Interesting that some one is blogging about him.]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Fri, Sep 4 2009 3:40 PM

JEmail: Antenucci, Rev. Mr John (MC1959) remembers Brother Luke

Even though he passed away, Brother Luke Salm will always be a bright light in the memory of those of us who had him as our professor for several Theology Courses.

Rev. Mr John Antenucci BS ‘59 MA Theology, St. Bernard’s Institute for Theology and Ministry.

# – # – #

Antenucci, Rev. Mr John (MC1959)

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Fri, Sep 4 2009 7:47 PM

JFound: Massa, Rich [MC????] Seeks to Build Confidence


Fitness Program for Kids in New Milford, Connecticut Seeks to Build Confidence Over Competitiveness
September 04, 2009
by Rich Monetti

*** begin quote ***

“Do I look to create super athletes? Absolutely not. It’s not what I’m about,” says Rich Massa, owner/operator of Gymbuddys based in New Milford, Connecticut. For him, it’s what happens in the athletic programs he teaches in Westchester and Fairfield counties when two kids arrive together at a beanbag. If one selflessly gives it up for the other, he revels in the knowledge that an important lesson has been learned.

*** and ***

It’s a road Mr. Massa, 33, might have gone down. He says, “I ws the short fat kid nobody wanted, but growing into a svelte 6′5″ by high school had to be helpful towards becoming the captain of the basketball and track team. He prefers to credit a coach who, he says, “saw something in me that no one else saw.” From there, he pursued a degree in Physical Education and Sports Medicine at Manhattan College and skipped grad school for a job at Spotlight Gymnastics in Westchester.

Eventually he landed a Phys Ed position in New York City and later one in Stamford, Connecticut. In turn, this led to his first one on one case. When he saw how a child responds to individualized attention of their own specific needs, the idea of GymBuddys was born. In between, he’s coached baseball, basketball, soccer and cross country track in several schools in Westchester and Connecticut.

*** end quote ***

Neighborhood: Fairfield County
New Milford, CT 06776
United States of America

# – # – #

Massa, Rich [MC????]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Fri, Sep 4 2009 9:45 PM

JOY: Farley, Victoria [MC2005] and Prunty, Christopher [MC2005] wed

Dear John,

   My Grand daughter, Lauren Johnson, ‘05 reports that on Saturday August 29th at St. Sebastians Church in Woodside Queens, Victoria Farley, ‘05 married Christopher Prunty, ‘05. They met in Freshman year when the both lived in Jasper Hall. In addition to Lauren the following Jaspers from the Class of 2005 also attended this great event: Marija Sedlar, C.J. Gianatiempo, Charlie Chamochumbi, Meghan Faig, and Daniel King. Paul Wassenberg from the Class of 2004, and his fiancée Marguerite also attended.

   It is nice to see these Jaspers hanging out together still!


[JR: Thanks, Mike. Jasper is forever. Life long friendships can sustain one through the eventual tough times. That's something the old Jaspers can pass on to the new ones.]

[JR: Mozel Tov to the new couple. I hope I can report on their golden anniversary.]

# - # - #

Farley, Victoria [MC2005]

Prunty, Christopher [MC2005]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Sat, Sep 5 2009 6:55 AM

JNews: Snee, Thomas [MC????] assistant principal


No excuses ‘backpack’ this year in Boonton Township
Rockaway Valley School will post papers online
Published: Sep 4th, 2:25 PM

*** begin quote ***

BOONTON TWP. – Virtual backpacks, some new faces and some familiar faces in new jobs greeted students as they return to the grades K-8 Rockaway Valley School Wednesday but sweet treats are out.

*** and ***

Thomas Snee will replace Winters. He previously was assistant principal, math coordinator and math teacher at Franklin Avenue Middle School in Franklin Lakes. He has a master of arts in middle school mathematics from Montclair State University, a master of arts in education from Saint Peter’s College and a bachelor of science degree from Manhattan College.

Prior to working in Franklin Lakes, he was a math teacher and webmaster at Greater Newark Academy Charter School and before that he held those posts, as well serving as the director of communications at Saint John the Evangelist School in Bergenfield.

He is married to a language arts/social studies teacher and lives in Bergen County.

*** end quote ***

Snee, Thomas [MC????]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Sat, Sep 5 2009 7:12 AM

JUpdate: Sheridan, Peter T. (MC1981)

Sheridan, Peter T. (MC1981)

Law Office of Peter T. Sheridan
P.O. Box 743
Pearl River, NY 10965

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Sat, Sep 5 2009 8:22 AM

JUpdate: Zapolski, Arthur P. (MC1974)

Arthur P. Zapolski Esq.

1974 MC Alumni
812 North Wood Ave
Linden, New Jersey 07036

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Sat, Sep 5 2009 8:24 AM

Comment on JFound: Berardelli, Gene (MC????) runs in Council District 46 

By Gene Berardelli

Thanks for picking this up! To fill in the blanks, I graduated class of 1999.

# # # # #
Posted on: Mon, Aug 31 2009 10:49 AM

ENDNOTE: The rich and powerful get different treatment


August 29, 2009 7:00 AM
Airbrushing out Mary Jo Kopechne
Only a Kennedy could get away with it.
By Mark Steyn

*** begin quote ***

We are enjoined not to speak ill of the dead. But, when an entire nation — or, at any rate, its “mainstream” media culture — declines to speak the truth about the dead, we are certainly entitled to speak ill of such false eulogists.

*** and ***

Edward Klein of Newsweek fondly recalled that one of Ted’s “favorite topics of humor was, indeed, Chappaquiddick itself. He would ask people, ‘Have you heard any new jokes about Chappaquiddick?’”

*** end quote ***

[JR: I was stunned that the Cardinal Archbishop was involved. So much for holding CINO politicians accountable.]

# # # # #
    * Posted on: Sat, Sep 05 2009 6:37 PM

# # # # #
# # # # #

"Bon courage a vous tous"

"Dona Nobis Pacem"