JASPER JOTTINGS Week 39 - 2010 Sep 26 

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POSITRACTION: Religion thrives in adversity; counter intuitive?

19 September 2010


Vietnam: thousands of Catholics defy government, gather to pray in homes September 09, 2010

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An estimated 4,000 Vietnamese Catholics in three northwestern provinces are defying local government bans on public religious activities and are gathering to pray in homes.

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[JR: That's when you have the gift of Faith. Simply put some people have to put their lives on the line for what they believe. We in the USA should jealously guard the First. Look in the Muslim countries, where's religious freedom? Maybe religion thrives in adversity. Like the old USSR.]


JEMAIL: Gearity, John (MC1961) remembers Aoki, Kemichi [MC???? RIP]

19 September 2010

RE: JFOUND Aoki, Kemichi [MC???? RIP] has a connection to ND baseball

John, I graduated from MC in 1961. Re your note on Kemichi Aoki below, I recall a student by the name of John Aoki who probably graduated around 1962 or 1963? Must be related–I mean we have a lot of Irish and Italians but how many Aokis could there be who went to MC? Pax, John Gearity

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Gearity, John (MC1961)

Aoki, Kemichi [MC???? RIP]

[JR: Probably right. Hard to imagine MC having two. But, nothing would surprise me. As soon as the research staff gets their glasses on, I'm sure we'll have a more definitive answer. Of course, given the state of the alumni records, I'm holding on to my transcripts. Lest they claim I was never there. ROFL, I have to have the D's to prove it. Send ingineers to Theology class; like sending vegetarians to a meat packing plant.]

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MFOUND: Joseph E. “Muscles” Gallagher, an MC attendee?

19 September 2010


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Joe Gallagher: Among the First to Go!

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Continuing this short series that looks at the four major league players who missed the entire 1941 season due to military service, we feature Joe Gallager, outfielder with the Yankees, Browns and Dodgers.

Joseph E. “Muscles” Gallagher was born in Buffalo, New York on March 7, 1914. He attended Buffalo High School where he played baseball as a third baseman, and also played on a local American Legion team with future Yankees’ catcher Buddy Rosar.

After graduating from high school, Gallagher played baseball and football at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York in 1933 and 1934. Signed by the New York Yankees he began his professional career with the Norfolk Tars of the Class B Piedmont League in 1936 where he batted .348 with 19 home runs in 142 games. With the Binghamton Triplets of the Class A New York-Penn League in 1937, he hit .271, and produced a .343 average for the Class AA American Association’s Kansas City Blues in 1938. Writing in the Lowell Sun on August 1, 1938, Frank Moran referred to Gallagher as a “sensational youngster just about ready to start wearing a Yankee uniform.”

{Extraneous Deleted}

On May 12, 1941, Joe Gallagher was inducted in the Army – one of only four major league players who lost the entire 1941 season to military service (the others were Oadis Swigart, Lou Thuman and Hugh Mulcahy). He served at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, where he played baseball for the Reception Center Missions. His teammates included Johnny Sturm, George Archie and Emmett Mueller.

{Extraneous Deleted}

Joe Gallagher passed away in Houston, Texas on February 25, 1998. He was 83 years old and is buried at Cushing Cemetery in Cushing, Texas.

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[JR: The War screwed up a lot of people; many of whom never came home. Who knows what might have been?]

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JFOUND: Pirone, Thomas [MC????] wins primary; Berkeley Hgts Council vote 11/2

19 September 2010


Candidate Statements
By Former Councilman Thomas Pirone, Candidate For Town Council

I appreciate the support received in the primary, and I seek your support in the general election for Berkeley Heights Town Council on Tuesday November 2nd.

My wife Joanie and I have lived in Berkeley Heights for 14 years and have two children, Christopher 12 and Nicole 9, in the school system. We chose Berkeley Heights for its suburban sense of community. The wooded lots and tree-lined streets were also a draw. Joanie and I also evaluated the schools and the Town’s taxes and decided we wanted to live here.

I am an Assistant Vice President for Moody’s Investors Service and I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College. Although I commute to Manhattan I’m deeply involved when I return home every night. I tell friends its only natural to want to contribute and protect the community where you’ve decided to raise your family.

Joanie and I first joined a Newcomers club; then participated in the Parent Teacher Organization at Woodruff School. I later joined the Rescue Squad as a volunteer. I’m a merit Badge Councilor for Boy Scout Troops in the District and I volunteer at service projects in our town such as the “Suburban Chamber of Commerce Cleanup Day.”

I have been a member of the Berkeley Heights Planning Board for 4 years and served for one-year as a member of the Township Council, during the transition year, in 2007.

As a Planning Board member for the last four years I’ve helped ensure no buildings taller than 36 feet along Springfield Avenue were approved. That is about a story shorter than some of the buildings that were approved before I joined the Board.

I’ve approved the construction of buildings downtown that when built will help to reinvigorate our downtown.

I was a key member of a subcommittee that updated our Master Plan — it has already helped to add buildings to our office parks. It calls for less housing density downtown keeping Berkeley Heights suburban.

During my one year of service on the Town Council I made numerous contributions, I won’t discuss them all here but will detail them in follow-up articles.

You can reach me at ThomasPirone@comcast.net or 908-508-1538.

Vote on November 2nd for those that have a community focus.

Thank you for your support.

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Pirone, Thomas [MC????]

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I was unable to any listing of Thomas Pirone in the Alumni directories.


McEneney Edward J. (MC1959)

[JR: Thanks, Ed. Much appreciated. We'll have to contact the candidate and get the scoop. Watergate?] 

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JFOUND: Dumancela, Jose [MC????] SHPE-NYC Professional Outreach Director

20 September 2010



The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers – New York City (SHPE-NYC) – Promoting professional development, leadership, and community outreach within the New York City area.

*** begin quote ***

Saturday, September 18, 2010
SHPE-NYC 2010-2011 Executive Board

{Extraneous Deleted}

Jose Dumancela – SHPE-NYC Professional Outreach Director

Jose graduated from Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Jose is a mechanical engineer at JB&B Consulting Engineers, a full fledged mechanical, electrical, and plumbing Consulting Engineering firm. He has been employed there for over 7 years and was promoted to associate 2 years ago. Jose’s responsibilities include designing and managing various construction jobs, interaction with clients, architects and contractors, and city agencies. He has been an active member of SHPE-NYC since 2006. Jose has been involved in coordinating several events, including the 2009 Ski Trip, 2009 Barbeque, End of Year Reports, and has recently been awarded the “SHPE-NYC Valued Member” award.

*** end quote ***

Dumancela, Jose [MC????]

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There is no record in the Alumni directory OF Jose Dumancela,


McEneney Edward J. (MC1959)

[JR: Thanks, Ed. Much appreciated. Have to try and ask him.] 

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JLINKEDIN: Ludwig, Richard [MC1977] District Mgr at Schindler Elevator Corp

19 September 2010


Ludwig, Richard [MC1977]
District Manager at Schindler Elevator Corporation
Greater Chicago Area

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JEMAIL: Laruccia, Stephen (MC1967) retires from MC, CA bound

20 September 2010

Hi John,

I will be retiring from Manhattan College the end of this month, September 30 is my last day and relocating to Santa Rosa, California in Sonoma County.

I have enjoyed my time at Manhattan especially working with our alumni.

Take care and all the best.

Stephen Laruccia ’67

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Laruccia, Stephen (MC1967)

[JR: Well good for you. Everyone should take time to smell the roses and complete their bucket list. Jasper Jottings needs a California reporter so I hope we'll receive frequent updates form you. Celebrity Jaspers reports with pix would be appreciated. Are you going to emulate Patterson and write a book series. Can I be your agent? :-) Best wishes.]

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JEMAIL: Alline, Vince (MC1968) admits to a (very inspiring) Fordham relative

20 September 2010

Hi John,

Just a quick note from God’s country to pass along two items that I hope you would deem worthy of JJ. The first is a story of great determination and courage about a young lady who was diagnosed at birth with Cystic Fibrosis. Despite this disease, she managed to graduate from Fordham with an accounting degree and land a position with Grant Thornton which she left about two years ago to give birth to twin boys. Now at the ripe old age of 29 she is in training for the New York City Marathon on behalf of the Boomer Esiason Foundation. Karen is seeking sponsors for her run. You can read more about it here:


If you were to ask me how I became so familiar with this story, I would be forced to admit that Karen is my niece. She also has another uncle who is a Manhattan engineer.

The second item is about my work as co-chair of a committee of our local Computer Club which is charged with refurbishing donated computers and giving them to needy families in the area. In the 3 1/2 years since its inception, we have completed more than 600 computers affecting more than 1000 local children. It’s also a great way to keep us senior citizens off the streets and out of the bars (if only we could find one here in the Bible Belt).

Our work was recently the subject of a news article in the Knoxville, TN News Sentinel:


One minor correction – my experience with computers was overstated by a mere 36 years (not counting the time spent feeding stacks of IBM punch cards to the room-sized monster in the Engineering Building). We have received some funding from the local United Way but it covers only a small portion of our expenses. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes to you and your wife and keep up the good work. I for one would vote for a large percentage increase in your annual stipend.

Vince Alline ’68E

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[JR: "Worthy"? The criteria for that is "not spam". :-) As you might remember from injineering school, very low expectations. "Fordham"? Shame on you. Couldn't keep her form the dark side! "Increase"? Yeah, those checks just keep on rolling in for the 39.99 $/month "executive Jj subscription"! Argh, I gotta get a real job. Or a paying hobby. Thanks for two good items.]

Alline, Vince (MC1968)

[JR: 1968, a good year for Jaspers?]

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JLINKEDIN: Ross, Robert B. [MC1982] President at Camatron Sewing Machine Inc

20 September 2010


Ross, Robert [MC????]
President at Camatron Sewing Machine Inc
Greater New York City Area

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I believe Robert B. Ross is member of the class of 1982.


McEneney Edward J. (MC1959)

[JR: Thanks, Ed. Much appreciated.]

Ross, Robert B. [MC1982]

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JHQ: MC Announces Construction of New 15M$ Student Center

21 September 2010


September 17, 2010

Manhattan College Announces Construction of New Student Center

RIVERDALE, N.Y. – At Manhattan College’s annual President’s Dinner held at the Waldorf=Astoria last night, President Brennan O’Donnell unveiled plans for the new five-story, 67,400 square-foot student center, Student Commons, to more than 250 donors and guests. The $40 million facility will not only be the central hub linking Manhattan’s North and South campuses but also will provide much-needed space for student and faculty events and gatherings, especially as the resident population continues to rise.

“The building will provide a much-needed focal point and social hub for our students,” explained Brennan O’Donnell, Ph.D., president of Manhattan College. “It will help us to deepen the sense of community that has long been a hallmark of the College. It will provide spaces that will encourage student-faculty interaction, and it will be our ‘front door’ to the community, a place where we share the intellectual and cultural wealth of the College with our neighbors.”

By having the opportunity to converge in a central location, resident and commuter students, faculty, staff and campus groups will stay more closely connected. The new building features a multipurpose performance space able to accommodate plays, dinners, dances, lectures and seminars, and a 6,700 square-foot fitness center. Other highlights include: a wireless lounge with couches, bookstore, café, new cafeteria, student government office, multiple practice spaces, band room, staff offices, meeting rooms, faculty dining room, student activities office and much more.

In addition, renderings of the new Student Commons were displayed at the dinner to illustrate how the state-of-the-art building will incorporate the latest in technology, innovation and facilities. The building’s design and structure will follow environmentally responsible practices and meet the goals of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

“The building’s location and look are intended to make a bold statement: we are a complex and a multifaceted institution, but we are one school and one community, united in one common purpose,” added O’Donnell at last night’s event.

The President’s Dinner is an annual event that the College hosts to recognize and thank top donors. Thomas D. O’Malley, chairman for the board of trustees of Manhattan College, also said when thanking donors, “The people here tonight represent many others whose support allows us to continue the strong tradition of Lasallian education at Manhattan College.”

Thanks to donors’ help, Manhattan College has raised more than $15 million in contributions and plans to break ground on the new facility in 2012.

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MOBIT: Edward Jackson, father of Jackson, Zahra [MC2013]

21 September 2010


Edward Jackson

JACKSON Edward F., was born on the campus of Virginia State University in 1929 to Professors Dr. Luther P. Jackson, Sr. and Mrs. Johnnella F. Jackson. Dr. Luther Jackson, Sr. was chairman of the History Department at VA State University until his death in 1950. Mrs. Johnnella Jackson was professor of Music for Piano Majors. He was the retired Supervisor of Music, Passaic Public Schools. Edward’s brother Luther P. Jackson, Jr was Professor of Journalism in the Graduate School at Columbia University, N.Y.C. His younger brother John T. Jackson was a professional flutist in N.Y.C., having studied several years with the great flutist Kincaid of the Curtis School of Music. His sister Laura attended Fisk Univ. and gave private piano lessons.

After his graduation from Virginia State University, he became Band and choral Director of Jefferson High School in Charlottesville, VA. He also directed the Harry T. Burleigh Community Singers in Charlottesville. Edward married Deloris Lightfoot, a Hampton University graduate in 1951. Deloris taught school in Texas and Richmond, VA.

They have two children, Rise Jackson Evans graduate of Boston University and Michael Onaje Jackson, Yale University Graduate. Rise has two children, Jason Ritchie, graduate of Univ. of South Carolina, wife Alexa and daughter Taina and Dr. Jasmine Ritchie, graduate of Life Chiropractic Univ., Marietta, GA. Dr. Ritchie works with Advantage Rehabilitation & Wellness Center in Washington, D.C. Rise and husband Ken lived in Gary, Indiana. Michael Onaje Jackson and wife Barbara have two children; Lamin, a senior in the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO and Zahra, a sophomore at Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY. Their family resides in St. Croix, Virgin Island where Michael Onaje has his Solar and Energy Company, Sustainable Systems & Design International.

Edward has surviving sisters -in-law Mrs. Nettie Lee Jackson, Hartsdale, NY, Mrs. Dorothy Conrad and Mrs. Josephine Whitsett, Charlottesville, VA and Mrs. Alma Mills, Rock Hill, SC. He had many nieces, nephews, cousins and close family who meet every two years for the Jackson Family Reunion.

Edward was assigned to the 392nd Army Band, Ft. Lee, VA. Upon discharge from the army, he and his family moved to New York City where Edward completed his Masters and advanced Professional Degree in Music at Columbia University. In 1956, he was employed as Music Instructor for Passaic Public Schools and in 1968 appointed Supervisor of Music until his retirement.

He also taught Confirmation Classes at Temple Emanuel, Passaic as well as music at the weekend school for St. Nicholas Catholic and Polish schools of Passaic. He enjoyed several years as Director of First Methodist Church Choir, Passaic. Along with Dr. Wallace Haddon, Edward was co-chair of Passaic NAACP Youth Council. Edward and Deloris were very active with Passaic-Clifton Fair Housing Committee headed by Rev. Raymond Pontier which opened the door to more minority rentals and home ownership in all wards in Passaic and Clifton.

Edward served many years on the Passaic/Clifton YMCA Board of Directors. He was active with the “Y” Swim Team and it’s parents’ alliance, as his son Michael Onaje was a State 10 and under all record holders in the Medley Relay-the record still stands. Mr. Jackson is a life member of the National Education Association, a member of Phi Mu Alpha National Music Sinfonia Association and the Black Musicians Association. He became a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity while at VA State University and his mother, Johnnella Jackson was a campus Omega Mother.

Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, Sept. 26th at 1 PM at the First Methodist Church, 145 Paulison Ave., Passaic, NJ. The family of Mr. Jackson would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all the caring health, hospital, hospice, nursing home personnel and countless friends for all of their assistance during his illness. In lieu of flowers, please make contribution to Passaic Public School Music Program, c/o Dr. Robert Holster, Superintendent, 100 Passaic Ave., Passaic, NJ. Arrangements by The Madonna Multinational Home for Funeral Services, Passaic.

Published in The Record and Herald News on September 21, 2010

[JR: Our future fellow Jasper has suffered a tough loss. A very talent family should give her support. We can give her our prayers.]

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JOBIT: Laux, Edward J. Sr. [MC1958 RIP]

21 September 2010


Edward J. Laux Sr.

Edward J. Laux, Sr, age 76, a forty six year resident of Norwalk, passed away Sunday morning, September 19th in Norwalk Hospital, of complications from diabetes. He was born in May 2, 1934 in the Bronx, NY, to the late Edward F. and Margaret (Gribbon) Laux.

He is survived by his beloved wife, Margaret (Bradley) Laux; two sons, Edward J.Laux Jr. and his wife Barbara of Greenwich and Thomas A. Laux and his wife Elaine of Mt. Kisco, NY. He also leaves four grandsons, Conor B. Laux and Edward B Laux of Greenwich and William J. Laux and Daniel T. Laux of Mt. Kisco; his sister, Barbara Budelmann and her husband Bruce of Estero, FL and numerous nieces and nephews. In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by his stepmother, Margaret (McCallion) Laux and his son William Bradley Laux.

Ed was raised in Riverdale, NY, educated at the All Hallows School and Cardinal Hayes HS. He graduated in 1958 from Manhattan College with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, where he was a charter member of Omicron Chi Epsilon, National Honor Society in Economics. He worked as an auditor and staff accountant for Haskins and Sells for five years before becoming the Treasurer of the Buckingham Corporation, importers of Cutty Sark Scots Whisky In 1973, he became the VP of Finance of EM LABS, a division of E. Merck of Darmstadt, Germany, where he remained until his retirement in 1985.

Ed had a lifetime passion for cars, Long Island Sound, the Mets and the NY football Giants. He loved everything about the water – swimming, skindiving, spearfishing, digging for clams, and his boats. He was an avid and accomplished fisherman, and a longtime member of the Norwalk Striped Bass Club. He always cherished his time with Peggy and friends in Walkers Cay, Hilton Head, Candlewood lake, Block Island and especially Newport, RI. In his later years, he indulged his passions for cooking and building model airplanes and boats. He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He will be missed greatly by all who knew him. Go Giants!

Calling Hours will be Wednesday, Sept. 22, from 6 -9 PM at the Magner Funeral Home, 12 Mott Avenue, Norwalk. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held Thursday, Sept 23 at 10 AM at St. Joseph Church, Norwalk, with interment to follow at St. John Cemetery, 223 Richards Ave, Norwalk.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the American Diabetes Association , PO Box 1834, Merrifield, VA 22116-8034 or to St. Joseph Church, 85 So. Main St. Norwalk, CT 06854. For info or to sign online guestbook, please go to: Magnerfuneralhome.com

Published in The Hour from September 21 to September 22, 2010


Laux, Edward J. Sr. [MC1958 RIP]

Guestbook: http://goo.gl/O7a3


JLINKEDIN: Manning, Tom [MC1984] Global Operations Manager at Avaya

21 September 2010


Manning, Tom [MC1984]
Global Operations Manager at Avaya
Greater Denver Area

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JLINKEDIN: Luciano, Rob [MC1988] Sales Engineer at NEP Electronics

22 September 2010


Luciano, Rob [MC1988]
Sales Engineer at NEP Electronics
Greater Milwaukee Area
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

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JEMAIL: McLaughlin, Helen Jablonski [MC1983] solicits for NYC Kidney Walk

22 September 2010



Helen McLaughlin, Senior Consultant at Principles Group, Greater New York City Area

Fellow Jaspers… Please take a moment to read my story on the link below… When I departed the ground of Manhattan College in ’83 .. who knew what the future would hold for me…

My nephew Peter, happens not only to be my nephew, but son of Lou Jablonski, Manhattan College, ’72; Manhattan Prep, ’68


Got Kidneys? Saving lives…. one kidney at a time….

Peter with family & friends at the NYC Kidney Walk, October 2009
Support Helen McLaughlin! Join Helen McLaughlin’s Team!

August 18, 2010 was the 10th anniversary of a life changing event for my nephew, Peter Jablonski and for me — I donated a kidney to Peter.

Prior to the transplant Peter’s life was controlled by kidney disease — doctor’s appointments, tests, dialysis machines… today Peter’s life is controlled by Peter.

The kidney transplant enabled Peter to finish college, pursue a career in Communications, and to live a full, active life. Physically, donating a kidney has not limited my abilities in any way; emotionally it has reinforced how precious life is.

Please support me by making a donation today to help the National Kidney Foundation Fight Kidney Disease; select the “Sponsor Me” button. No donation is too small; every dollar helps! Also, check to see if your employer will match your donation.. Your donation dollar is well-spent with the National Kidney Foundation. More than 81 cents of every dollar goes directly to vital programs and services.

Thank you for helping me reach my fundraising goal!

I will be walking on Sunday October 17, 2010 in NYC to Fight Kidney Disease, please join our team “Got Kidney’s?” and walk with us.

The NKF’s Kidney Walks are designed to help people understand the need for early detection of kidney disease. Over 355,000 Americans rely on a dialysis machine to keep them alive, and nearly 82,000 are on the waiting list for a lifesaving kidney transplant. Recent studies indicate that kidney disease is on the rise and as many as 26 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Because symptoms may not appear until the kidneys are actually failing, many people do not take steps to protect the health of their kidneys.

Chronic kidney disease affects 26 million Americans and millions more are at risk

   *   Kidney disease is common, harmful and treatable

   *   Risk factors include high blood pressure, diabetes and family history

   *   Early detection can slow the progression of kidney disease

   *   Once kidneys fail, patients need dialysis or a transplant to survive

   *   over 104,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant


Helen Jablonski McLaughlin

# – # – #

Jablonski, Lou [MC72MP68]

McLaughlin, Helen Jablonski [MC1983]

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JHQ: Mc presents art by Holocaust survivor

23 September 2010


September 22, 2010

Manhattan College Presents Reflections of the Soul Art Exhibition
Opening Reception with Holocaust Survivor Martin Spett on Oct. 6

RIVERDALE, N.Y. – “It’s an amazing thing we all survived,” explains Martin Spett, a local Riverdale resident and renowned artist, as he reflects on his personal experience surviving the Holocaust with his family. Spett has been speaking out and educating others for more than three decades and uses paintings and poetry to further depict the Holocaust tragedy. On Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010, Spett’s Reflections of the Soul: Oil Paintings of the Holocaust (a series of 23 oil paintings) will go on display for two months at Manhattan College’s O’Malley Library, and the exhibition will open with a reception at 4:30 p.m. in the library’s Alumni Room.

The event is being sponsored by the Manhattan College archives in collaboration with student activities and the Holocaust Resource Center, and will feature photographs, poetry, personal artifacts and oil paintings from Spett’s collection. The poetry of Angela Alaimo O’Donnell, professor at Fordham University, and associate director of their Curran Center for American Catholic Studies, which was inspired by Spett’s paintings, will also be on display. The exhibit is being presented on the fifth floor lobby area of O’Malley Library and continues on the first floor Alumni Room.

“Mr. Spett titled his book Reflections of the Soul, which was also the perfect title for this art exhibit because he has a very reflective and understanding soul,” said Jeff Horn Ph.D., professor and chair of the history department and director of the Holocaust Resource Center at Manhattan College. “No one has given more of his artistic sensibility and personal experience to the study of the Holocaust at Manhattan College.”

Spett’s book, Reflections of the Soul, was published by the Manhattan College Holocaust Resource Center in 2002, and is currently used in elementary, secondary and collegiate classes on the Holocaust. Since the Holocaust Resource Center was founded in 1996, Spett has served as the director of the survivors’ speaker bureau.

Spett, along with his parents and sister survived the Holocaust and immigrated to the United States in 1947. When he first moved, Spett’s father made him promise never to speak of the Holocaust and he kept this promise until 1980. After reading a book by a professor at Northwestern University rejecting the existence of the Holocaust, Spett became determined to inform others from kindergarten to college through painting, poetry and personal testimony.

The art collection’s title, Reflections of the Soul, is revealed in one of Spett’s painting’s Reflections, which depicts a matriarch weeping for her children. This painting is on permanent display in Fordham University’s art collection and will also be at the Manhattan exhibit. Another painting, My Sister and I, was created in 1993 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the deportation of Spett and his sister from the Tarnow ghetto in Poland on May 11, 1943, and is currently in the Yad Vashem Art Archives in Jerusalem, Israel, and a copy will also be on display at O’Malley Library.

Each painting reflects the soul of the artist, the inner psyche of his thoughts and feelings,” said Spett in his book. “Visual art is extremely vital in educating people about the consequences of ignorance, hate, bigotry and intolerance, that is now so prevalent around the world.”

If you have questions about this exhibit, please contact Sandra Emmerson at (718) 862 7329 or e-mail sandra.emmerson@manhattan.edu.

About the Holocaust Resource Center

The history of the Holocaust Resource Center dates back to 1996, when discussions among concerned faculty and administrators at the College and members the Riverdale community led to its founding with the mission of promoting Catholic-Jewish dialogue and educating future generations about the Holocaust. The center inaugurated its Visiting Scholars Program the next year, and in 2006, an additional annual lecture was added to the series that focuses on genocides other than the Holocaust.

More information about the Holocaust Resource Center can be found on its website at home.manhattan.edu/holocaustcenter.

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JLINKEDIN: Bailey, Jean M. [MC1980] Realtor at Sibcy Cline

23 September 2010


Bailey, Jean M. [MC1980]
Realtor at Sibcy Cline PBD, CRS
Cincinnati Area
Real Estate

My Website: http://www.sibcycline.com/agentwebsites/default.aspx?a=3724

Summary: I am dedicated to living by these core values: To Always… 1-Live by the “Get By Giving” philosophy, 2-Make my client’s #1 goal my #1 goal, 3-Live up to my standards, despite temtations to lower them, 4-Be willing to work toward a common good, and 5-Do what I say I’ll do, sometimes more, just never less.


• Successfully completed Sibcy Cline’s Steps to Success Program

• At Home with Diversity Certification

• Floyd Wickman S.M.A.R.T. Program

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JHQ: MC Athletic Department is asking all its fans

23 September 2010


RIVERDALE, N.Y. – The Manhattan College Athletic Department is asking all its fans to show their school pride by making the GoJaspers Twitter Page the most followed among all 10 MAAC institutions. Jasper faithful have been issued the challenge to make Manhattan the first conference member to break the 1,000-follower barrier. The Jaspers campaign to conquer this social media platform will have incremental goals with prizes for fans at each level. Begin following GoJaspers today by clicking here or typing Twitter.com/GoJaspers in your internet browser.

Twitter is a social media phenomenon which hosts over 190 million visitors monthly on its text-based 140 character status update platform. GoJaspers on Twitter.com provides Manhattan fans with exclusive information surrounding the Jaspers’ 19 Division I athletic programs. Fans can follow all the department happenings, including live game updates, information on upcoming events and other interesting tidbits. Twitter is even available on most mobile devices.

Manhattan fans will have the opportunity to win prizes after GoJaspers reaches each of the following levels of followers: 500, 750 and 1,000. Prizes will be raffled off to lucky fans in attendance at the first home athletic event after surpassing each goal. One lucky fan will win the grand prize, an Apple IPod Touch, after GoJaspers hits the 1,000 follower milestone. Specific dates, times and locations for all of the promotional giveaways will be posted on Twitter.com/GoJaspers.

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JNEWS: Manning, Ron [MC1972] appointed to Brookhaven Town Ethics Board

23 September 2010


New Ethics chair in hot seat
By Lee Lutz
September 22, 2010 | 09:56 AM

*** begin quote ***

Replacing Garber on the board, and appointed Tuesday by Lesko as chairman, is Ron Manning of Coram, a trustee of the Bethel AME Church in Setauket. Manning will be assuming a hot seat as the Ethics Board opines soon on a submission from Councilwoman Jane Bonner (C-Rocky Point) challenging the ethics of her colleague, Councilwoman and Deputy Supervisor Kathy Walsh (R-Centereach). (See “Unethical ethics debated at town,” Aug. 19.)

{Extraneous Deleted}

Manning is currently the acting associate dean for planning and operations for the College of Osteopathic Medicine at New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury. His long career in health services included stints at the county Health Department, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, a director in public affairs at the Stony Brook University School of Medicine and more. He earned a B.A. in psychology from Manhattan College — was drafted by the Chicago Bulls and Carolina Cougars pro basketball teams — an M.A. at Fordham and his juris doctor degree at Touro Law School. A resident of Gordon Heights, Manning is a former president of the Longwood School Board.

# – # – #

Manning, Ron [MC????]

# # # # #


I believe Ronald (Ron) C. Manning is a member of the class of 1972.


McEneney Edward J. (MC1959)

[JR: Thanks, Ed. Much appreciated.]

Manning, Ron [MC1972]

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JUPDATE: Nesbitt, Elizabeth R. (MC1991)

24 September 2010

Nesbitt, Elizabeth R. (MC1991)
Supervisory International Trade Analyst
Nanotechnology/Biotechnology Office
U.S. International Trade Commission
E Street SW.
Washington, DC 20436

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JOY: Devine, Brianne Margery [MC2001] engaged

24 September 2010


Penn — Devine
Published: 05:55 p.m., Thursday, August 19, 2010

Announcement is made of the engagement of Brianne Margery Devine and Christopher David Penn. She is the daughter of Thomas and Linda Devine of White Plains, N.Y., and he is the son of Russell and Deborah Penn of Greenwich.

A spring wedding is planned.

The future bride, a graduate of Good Counsel High School and Manhattan College, received a master’s degree in educational technology from Iona College. She is a third-grade teacher at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Elmsford, N.Y.

The future bridegroom, a graduate of Greenwich High School and CW Post Long Island University, works in construction at Bacco Inc., New Canaan.

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Devine, Brianne Margery [MC????]

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I believe Brianne Margery Devine is a member of the class of 2001.


McEneney Edward J. (MC1959)

[JR: Thanks, Ed. Much appreciated.]

Devine, Brianne Margery [MC2001]

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JLINKEDIN: Fuller, Liam [MC1984] VP Marketing at Pepsi Bottling Group

24 September 2010


Fuller, Liam [MC1984]
VP Marketing at Pepsi Bottling Group
Greater New York City Area
Consumer Goods

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JLINKEDIN: McDermott, Martin [MC1986] exec recruiter at mARTo consulting

25 September 2010


McDermott, Martin [MC1986]
executive recruiter at mARTo consulting
Greater New York City Area
Human Resources

My Website: http://www.martoconsulting.com/

Summary: We find good people to work for great companies across the country. Call me to assist your firm to exceed their hiring goals for 2009. We hire 1 – 200 people…all levels and all compensation models. Sales and marketing people are our forte. If you have a compelling “Employee Value Equation” we can help you find your next superstar!

Specialties: Recruiting

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ENDNOTE: One reason that The Church doesn’t get economics

25 September 2010


Why Catholics Don’t Understand Economics
Jeffrey Tucker

*** begin quote ***

For years I’ve puzzled over the question of why Catholics have such trouble coming to terms with economics. This problem applies only to modern Catholics, for it was Catholics in 15th- and 16th-century Spain who systematized the discipline to begin with. That was long ago. Today, most of what is written about economics in Catholic circles is painful to read. The failing extends left and right, as likely to appear in “progressive” or “traditionalist” publications. In book publishing, the problem is so pervasive that it is difficult to review the newest batch.

*** and ***

Scarcity is the defining characteristic of the material world, the inescapable fact that gives rise to economics. So long as we live in this lacrimarum valle, there will be no paradise. There will be less of everything than would be used if all goods were superabundant. This is true regardless of how prosperous or poor a society is; insofar as material things are finite, they will need to be distributed through some rational system — not one designed by anyone, but one that emerges in the course of exchange, production, and economization. This is the core of the economic problem that economic science seeks to address.

*** end quote ***

Maybe this is why the clergy, once they solve the problem of their own buggering little boys, can’t deal with economic reality.

Sometimes The Church sounds more like Communists and Socialists than Christians.

Gandhi had a great quote: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

From The Church, we’ve learned the value of each human life. Unique and has a contribution to be made if it is not killed.

Yet, The Church doesn’t call the various “Kings” of the world to account for their bad behavior. Almost the entire continent of Africa is an example of bad Gooferment, corrupt leaders, and economic stupidity. Feeding our fellow humans so that they can become “wards of the world” is not allowing them to develop to their full human potential.

I’d like to see The Church speak out on the economic tyranny of this human tragedy as it does on abortion and contraception.

Isn’t it a little hypocritical to preserve a life if that life is to be spent in suffering and misery.

At the very least, The Church should seek to confine these petty tyrants to their own country. Sort of like a time out for politicians and bureaucrats. And, oppose them being allowed to keep their ill gotten gains in foreign banks as they rip off their people and relief funds. After all how can a dictator of a dirt poor country “magically” accumulate a off-shore fortune to keep himself in a grand manner when the next revolution doesn’t go his way?


Hopefully The Church will do battle with the “King” for the benefit of The People.

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