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Jul 31, 2011 

POSITRACTION: Saving a humpback whale


An amazing encounter with a humpback whale that was entangled in a fishing net.

[JR: 8 minutes of joy. You have to admire a bunch of folks who spent a hour of hot, hard, and dangerous work to save a whale. Admirable! Heroic. And, strangely human.]

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Jul 31, 2011 

ADMINISTRIVIA: From the Head Man, the fellow in the white suit; not me

[JR: LinkedIn has stopped giving me new, or updated, Jasper profiles. Unless it restarts or I figure something out, those LinkedIn items will dry up. It’s a slow summer news day, so I thought I’d share what I read on the Vatican’s RSS feed.]


Pope’s prayer intentions for August 2011
July 29, 2011

*** begin quote ***

The Vatican has released the prayer intentions of Pope Benedict XVI for August 2011.

The Pope’s general intention is: “That World Youth Day in Madrid may encourage young people throughout the world to have their lives rooted and built up in Christ.”

His missionary intention is: “That Western Christians may be open to the action of the Holy Spirit and rediscover the freshness and enthusiasm of their faith.”

*** end quote ***

[JR: I find this interesting in that the Head Man can communicate his thoughts around the globe at amazing speed at virtually zero cost. Thus demonstrating the “flattening effect” of the internet on hierarchies. We now returning you to our regular broadcast. See what happens if you don’t write stuff in. I “pontificate”. Pun intended.]

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Jul 31, 2011 

JNEWS: Moyer, Corbin L. [MC2011] gets MC some ink


Originally Published: 7/31/2011
Military news
Reading Eagle

*** begin quote ***

Corbin L. Moyer, a son of Steven G. and Lea C. Moyer, Tilden Township, has been commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air Force after completing the Air Force ROTC program and graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Manhattan College, Riverdale, N.Y.

Moyer, a 2007 graduate of Hamburg High School, is to serve as a developmental electrical engineer at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts.

*** end quote ***

Moyer, Corbin L. [MC2011]

[JR: I first viewed these as "newsworthy" as sort of a joke. You know "amazing as it sounds, but the fellow graduated". Then it was explained to me by a very smart lady in the admissions office that these were really MC ads. Parents of high schoolers would read these and know the person and compare to their child. Then, MC would get expression of interest from that area. Free advertising. So let's help, if you know anyone in Reading, then forward it along. Create buzz. It's all about butts in the seats. imho]

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Jul 31, 2011 

JLINKEDIN: Martin, Justin [MC2006] Chemicals Professional


Martin, Justin [MC2006]
Chemicals Professional
Greater New York City Area

Summary: My name is Justin Martin, I recently graduated from Manhattan College with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. My best attributes lie in my work ethic, management of responsibilities and my ability to easily learn computer software and hardware. I am the oldest of my family, containing four other siblings, three of which are ten and under. I have worked hard to help my parents while maintaining my education. Taking care of my younger siblings allows my father to work the night shift and helps to keep my mother from being overwhelmed. I was taught to always strive to be better in both education and as a person, and to keep with my teachings I am always willing to help those around me, even if it means pushing myself further. Through this I became familiar with computers through my job at Manhattan College. I have learned programs at a much quicker pace than my fellow peers. Since computers have become more mainstream, I have found that they are vital to the daily tasks of work. I believe my skills with computer makes me valuable in this particular area. I hope that my skills can better serve those I will work for, and one day become a valuable asset to well established company.

- VBA, Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Visio and Project
- Aspen Plus and Matlab
- Ability to repair and replace hardware
- Ability to Ghost/Image a computer
- Familiar with command prompt, Boolean Algebra and Binary
- Fast learner

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Jul 31, 2011 

JEMAIL: Quinlan, Fr. William M. [MC1985] corrects me

RE: Quinn, Rev. Peter [MC1969] tagged on FACEBOOK

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 11:35 AM, Jasper Quinn wrote:

Hey John: I look pretty good for a guy who graduated in 1969, don’t I? Who is this Rev. Peter Quinn of whom you speak?

Rev. Liam Quinlan alias Fr. William M. Quinlan [MC1985]

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[JR: <1> Of course, you DO look better than most Jaspers of our era. You're a low mileage model. If I knelt around praying all the time, I'd look as if I didn't have care in the world either. LOL! Your cares are in the next one. To whom much is given? <2> I thought that was the proper form of address. I may have dozed off in grammar school when they covered forms of address. I'd have paid much close attention if the topic was "forms of A dress!]

Quinlan, Fr. William M. [MC1985]

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Jul 31, 2011 

JEMAIL: Dans, Peter E. (MC1957) remembers being TV-less

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 3:42 PM, Dans, Peter E. (MC1957) wrote:

Hi John:

Father Sirico of the Acton Institute is one of the most sensible Catholic voices about the concept of subsidiarity and the virtues you mention. Another thing that is never discussed is that the definition of poverty has changed drastically since I grew up on the Lower East Side in a cold water flat until age 11 with only a woodstove in the kitchen and an icebox. Stats now show that some states consider poverty level to be upwards of $50,000 for some benefits. A recent study shows that most “poor” have multiple TVS ( we didn’t get one for many years), refrigerators, cellphones and many other gadgets. I’ll forward the study if I can find it. And No we didn’t consider ourselves “poor” and my family refused to go on “relief” as it was called. We worked and educated our way out.


Peter E. Dans ’57

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[JR: Careful, you'll ruin my reputation as the "fat old white guy injineer" by outing my erudite places. :-) And, yes, the politicians and bureaucrats depend on us allowing them to confuse definitions. Starving folks in Africa, or in the USA, are "poor"; some of the "poor" in the USA are just being held back by the Gooferment and their own thinking. (I'd have paradigms and memes but that would have really given my act away.) ]

[JR: In those days, you weren't "poor". You had"enough". You knew it was "enough" cause your parents old you: "you've had enough". LOL! Now it's funny; then it wasn't.]

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Jul 31, 2011 

JEMAIL: O’Connell, Bill (MC1976) would like less government involvement

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 12:11 PM, O’Connell, Bill (MC1976) wrote:

Re: Stebbins and Capitalism

(1) “Forcing women to have a child.” What were those inalienable rights that we are endowed by our Creator with? Well the first was “Life”. I would like to see less government involvement, but stepping in to prevent the killing of an innocent child is among them. Let her give the child up for adoption if she doesn’t want to keep the child. A woman does have the right to control over her own body. I have a question for you. How did she get with child? Did she lose control? After losing control, does she now want to reassert it at the cost of the life of the child. Before you bring out your trump card regarding rape or incest, let me ask you if you support capital punishment for rapists and those who commit incest? If not, why among the three do you chose to kill the most innocent?

(2) You bought food for your fellow man? You gave to the least of your brethren? You BASTARD! Do you realize you could be putting a bureaucrat out of work? How can we survive as a nation without the waste, fraud, and mismanagement? You are a cruel, cruel man.

(3) “You have never seen conservatives at the county offices” You are right. We tend to help young mothers where it will do the most good for each dollar, not wasting time at the county office so that we can get fifty cents on the dollar for the effort.

(4) The wonderful Great Society program of the 1960s helped destroy the black nuclear family, so of course we need more government programs to “help” them recover from the “help” we gave them.

Bill O’Connell
BE 1976

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Stebbins #2

Dear Jasper Stebbins. With regard to Hitler, may I remind you that he was the head of the National SOCIALISTS, he wasn’t a conservative, nor a capitalist. He did abolish the unions, only to replace them with his union. He banned private ownership of guns. Once he consolidated power, he was a dictator. By the way, he was able to come to power because the German government couldn’t stop printing money.

With regard to Fannie and Freddie, it took a whole chapter in my book to lay this out, including refuting your cherry picked remarks. I won’t bore the readers with that kind of recap. For those who are interested the book is called Liberty’s Lifeline. Your position is akin to saying that building a wall of separation between the FBI and the CIA had nothing to do with 9/11 because no one from the FBI or the CIA were riding on the planes.

Bill O’Connell
BE 1976

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[JR: A nuance of difference, between my thoughts and O'Connell, Bill (MC1976), is that I don't want to empower the Gooferment to kill women and doctors who abort babies. I'd rather have them all be persuaded by us having all sorts of better ways to deal with "unwanted issues". We should have a national registry of childless couples who would gladly take these babies. Sigh! There are so many better ways to deal with all sorts of things than giving the Gooferment, politicians, and bureaucrats guns to initiate force on those unfortunate enough to fall afoul of their diktats. Abortion is an interesting topic because the DoI says "right to life". (Was Jefferson inspired?) So when does a human being get those rights that we all agree that they have?]

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Aug 1, 2011 

JNEWS: Malson, Frank [MC1989] resigns from Wanaque BoE


Wanaque BOE seeks to fill vacancy
SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2011

*** begin quote ***

Following the resignation of a school board member, the Board of Education is seeking letters of interest from individuals who want to fill the vacancy.

Frank Malson, who has been a board member since August 2007, resigned for personal reasons. Malson sent his resignation by e-mail to Board President Robert Adams on July 27. The resignation will be effective on Tuesday, Aug. 23 at noon, according to Superintendent Dr. Richard Weisenfeld.

*** and ***

Malson was originally appointed to fill in a vacancy. He was elected to a three-year term in April 2008 and to another three-year term in April 2011. Malson served on the school board’s curriculum, tri-district, negotiations, and finance committees.

He owns two businesses: a third-party logistics company called Alliance Logistics, and an online fund-raising company called iFundraisingMall.com. He graduated with honors from Manhattan College with a bachelor of science degree in accounting.

A 12-year Wanaque resident, Malson is married with three children.

The members of the Wanaque Board of Education and the school administration wish to thank Malson for his dedicated service on the Board of Education.

*** end quote ***

Malson, Frank [MC????]

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On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 12:10 AM, Mike McEneney wrote:

Dear John,

I believe that Frank is a member of the class of 1989.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Malson, Frank [MC1989]

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Aug 1, 2011 

JNews: Cody, Chris [MC2006] purchased by the Atlanta Braves


Braves Acquire Revolution LHP Chris Cody
July 31, 2011 – Atlantic League (AtL) York Revolution

*** begin quote ***

York, Pa. – For the second time in a week and for the eighth time since spring training began, the York Revolution is losing one of their top contributors to a Major League organization. The team has announced the contract of left-handed starting pitcher Chris Cody has been purchased by the Atlanta Braves.

*** and ***

Originally drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the eighth round out of Division I Manhattan College in 2006, 2011 is Cody’s sixth professional season. A trade from Detroit to the Milwaukee Brewers in 2007 saw him ascend as high as Triple-A Nashville in Milwaukee’s system. Coming into this season, Cody’s career ERA stood at an excellent 3.03 in 104 games and 94 starts, and his career strikeout to walk numbers are even more impressive, with 525 punch-outs against just 151 free passes through Saturday. This season, Cody struck out 78 batters and walked only 18 in 18 starts for the Revolution.

*** end quote ***

Cody, Chris [MC2006]

[JR: Slavery?]

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Aug 1, 2011 

JLINKEDIN: Cunningham, Marty [MC1973] Chief Marketing Officer, VeriTES


Cunningham, Marty [MC1973]
Vice President, Marketing, PSB and Chief Marketing Officer, VeriTES at Penn Schoen Berland
Greater New York City Area
Marketing and Advertising

Summary: In running my own management consulting firms these past 25 years, I have developed countless client relationships and consistently grown business opportunities. I intend to use those skills to help grow new business relationship for Penn Schoen Berland and VeriTES

Specialties: New Business Development, Sales and Marketing

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Aug 1, 2011 

JFACEBOOK: Martin, Margaret (MC1998) support pediatric cancer research


Margaret Martin

Please support my husband as he seeks to raise money for pediatric cancer research in honor of our daughter, Caitlin. http://mskcc.convio.net/site/T ​R/FredsTeamEvents/Freds_Team?p​x=1758320&pg=personal&fr_id=14​ 30 Thank you so much for your kindness!!

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Martin, Margaret (MC1998)

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Aug 2, 2011 

JEMAIL: Dans, Peter E. (MC1957) cites his finding

On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 1:54 PM, Dans, Peter E. (MC1957) wrote:

Hi John:

Here’s the article I promised in my previous email.. If I find the actual study, I’ll send it.

Peter E. Dans ’57


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The key paragraphs are:

The point of all this is not to argue that there aren’t people in this country living in poverty. There are. And those truly in need deserve a helping hand. But the good news is that the problem isn’t as widespread or as chronic as we’re led to believe. We wind up wasting money when we pretend otherwise.

In addition, we fuel the anti-American propaganda spread by countries such as Russia and China, who accuse the United States of human-rights violations. Why? Because they claim that the millions of Americans classified as poor are enduring a life of desperate poverty — “like a third world nightmare,” as the Russia Today TV network once put it.

The average poor household in the U.S. isn’t living the high life. But it’s also not the dust-bowl existence pictured in John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath,” or the dramatic “Two Americas” picture painted by John Edwards. As scholar James Q. Wilson notes, “The poorest Americans today live a better life than all but the richest persons a hundred years ago.”

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[JR: My particular favorite is when some politician gets up and lectures "We, The Sheeple" on poor "now" and "ten years ago". They make the implication that it is the same people. Most economists point out that in the USA those populations are fluid. And, based on stats that were not taken for that purpose (i.e., household income). And, ignores the fact that in different stages of life, finances are very different. Argh! Donna Nobis Pacem ]

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Aug 2, 2011

JLINKEDIN: Morrissey, William [MC1972] Senior Product Manager BoA


Morrissey, William [MC1972]
Director, Senior Product Manager, Trade/ Supply Chain Product Management at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Greater New York City Area

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Aug 3, 2011 

JOBIT: Corballis, Paul T. [MC1956 RIP]


Paul T. Corballis 

PAUL T. CORBALLIS, age 77 of Danbury, died in Danbury Hospital, July 31, 2011.

He was born in Yonkers, N.Y. January 5, 1934 to Charles, a dentist and Anne (Sullivan), a homemaker and Yeoman F in the U.S. Navy during World War I. Paul was the youngest of four children. He attended Sacred Heart School in Yonkers until 8th grade. He was an altar boy at Sacred Heart as well as an Eagle Scout.

Paul graduated from Manhattan Prep High School and went on to Manhattan College with the aim of teaching math, but switched to business administration, earning a MBA at night school. He was a member of Sigma Beta Kappa Fraternity, serving a year as national president.

Mr. Corballis began his working career as house photographer with Johns Manville. In 1960, he joined Pitney Bowes and enjoyed more than 20 years there, eventually becoming Director of Personnel for the UK and Europe and was based in the English office from 1977 to 1982. After leaving Pitney Bowes, he went into partnership with member of Parliament (now Lord) Robin Corbett. Paul loved living in England and became the leading expert on the signage designating the name of pubs in England. He had a book published in the UK entitled Pub Signs. The book explored the beauty, history and artistry of these signs.

Upon his return to the U.S. in 1987, Paul ran Eagle Travel in Danbury until his retirement. His love of travel made this the perfect occupation for him and allowed him to continue his passion of traveling the world. His English experience led to a specialty in pub tours (possibly only groggily remembered by some participants). In his later years, Paul was heavily involved in the Kiwanis organization where he served as president twice. He was a hard worker and always gave his all to whatever job he was doing. Paul was a gifted amateur photographer and painter. He enjoyed restoring furniture and houses.

He is survived by four children, Laura Corballis of Bristol, UK, MeighanDutt of Newtown and Paul Corballis and Kieran Corballis, both of Charlottesville, Va. His is also survived by his big brother and best friend, Ben Corballis of Wilmington, Del; as well as four grandchildren, Emily, Colin and Jack of Newtown and Macie of Charlottesville. Additionally, he is survived by his dear friends and sometime chauffeurs, Bill and Joan Boehm of Danbury.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in St. Rose of Lima Church, 46 Church Hill Road, Newtown Thursday August 4, 2011 at 12noon. Interment will be private. Friends may call in the Honan Funeral Home, 58 Main Street, Newtown Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. Paul’s faith was central to his life. His family requests that no flowers be sent, but instead a small contribution in memory of Paul be sent to Covenant House, Times Square Station, P.O. Box 731, New York, NY 10108-0900 or www.covenanthouse.org. To leave an online condolence go to www.honanfh.com.

Published in StamfordAdvocate on August 3, 2011


Corballis, Paul T. [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/stamfordadvocate/guestbook.aspx?n=paul-corballis&pid=152856427&cid=full


On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 12:37 PM, McEneney, Mike (MC1953) wrote:

Dear John,

I believe that Paul is a member of the Class of 1956.

May He Rest In Peace.


[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Corballis, Paul T. [MC1956 RIP]

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Aug 3, 2011 

JOBIT: Croke, Frank J. [MC1952 RIP]



Frank J. Croke, age 82, of Wilmington passed away at his residence on Monday, August 1, 2011.

Frank was born on October 19, 1928 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The son of the Late Mae McGrath and Frank J. Croke Sr. He served his country faithfully in World War II as a Lieutenant in the Army and was a recent participant in an Honor Flight to Washington, DC. He started a lifelong love of sailing as a boy aboard the Gloucester Fishing Fleet, became First Mate of the three-masted schooner “Sea Gypsy.” He later raced as Navigator aboard “Wandelaar” and as owner of “Diana”.

An alumnus of Boys Central High School, Manhattan College (NY) and Harvard Business School. He retired after 25 years as an IBM executive. He was an Adjunct Professor of Business at Dowling College. He authored several books and articles on personal and business finance.

Surviving are his wife, Frances Babor Croke; sons Frank, William, Mathew Croke (Peggy); daughters Mary, Frances C. Page (Tad), Diana C. Jankoviak (David). Also surviving are his sister Joan Gannon and his loving nieces and nephews. He is predeceased by his sister Helen C. Purnell.

A funeral Mass will be held 10:00 AM, Friday August 5, 2011 at Saint Mary Catholic Church with a reception after the service.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Tileston Health Clinic, 1605 Doctors Circle Wilmington, NC 28401.

Please share memories and condolences with the family at www.wilmingtoncares.com

Wilmington Funeral and Cremation, 1535 S. 41st Street, Wilmington, NC 28403 910.791.9099.

Online condolences at StarNewsOnline.com

Published in the Wilmington Star-News on August 3, 2011


Croke, Frank J. [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/starnewsonline/guestbook.aspx?n=frank-croke&pid=152858407


On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 12:42 PM, McEneney, Mike (MC1953) wrote:

Dear John,

I believe that Frank is a member of the Class of 1952.

May He Rest In Peace.


[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Croke, Frank J. [MC1952 RIP]

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Aug 3, 2011 

JNEWS: Travagliato, Charles [MC1976] sells a house


Dental surgeon lists Orchard Park 4BD
by Shania Sampson, published Aug. 2, 2011

*** begin quote ***

Charles Travagliato has listed for sale a four-bedroom, 2.5-bath home at 39 Lakeridge Drive in Orchard Park.

Dr. Travagliato is a family dentist and a dental surgeon.

He received a B.S. in biology from Manhattan College and a D.D.S. from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine.

*** end quote ***

Travagliato, Charles [MC????]

# – # – # – # – # 2011-Aug-03 @ 09:35

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 12:45 PM, McEneney, Mike (MC1953) wrote:

Dear John,

I believe that Charles is a member of the Class of 1976.


[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Travagliato, Charles [MC1976]

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Aug 3, 2011 

JEMAIL: Stebbins, Donald M (MC1961) calls Acton “libertarian”

Dear Jasper John,

Re Your Article on the Religious/Libertarian Acton Institute

Giving to an ineffective charity is a mortal sin? The Acton Institute article asserted that it was a mortal sin to give to a charity that was ineffective because it misdirected time, attention, resources, and behaviors. Good heavens does that mean that Catholics who gave money to churches that were covering up sexual abuses by clergy and using contributions to buy silence from victims were themselves committing mortal sins? It wasn’t bad enough to find that their donations had gone to cover up criminal behavior- now they are told they were involved in serious sin by not checking the soundness of the churches they were giving to.

It seems to me that the Acton Institute operates on principles yielding very strange results, They say it is fine to participate in an economy that gives millions to some and nothing to others, deprives many of decent wages and health care, and leaves many hard working people in poverty, but you’d better check your charities closely or risk your immortal soul if you give to the wrong one, like maybe the United Fund. Now I have seen everything.

BTW, the Acton institute appears to be quite selective when quoting Pope Benedict. The pope criticizes the ‘cruelty’ of capitalism In a 2007 book “Jesus of Nazareth”. Benedict XVI decries power of the rich over the poor and criticizes the ‘cruelty’ of capitalism and colonialism.

Sincerely yours,
Donald M Stebbins
BS 1961

[JR: Sigh. Just when I thought we were making progress.

<1> I don't thing that the Acton Institute is "libertarian". I think it is safe to say that all "libertarians" disavow the initiation of force. Since the Acton Institute advocates "government" to some degree, it ain't "libertarian". Like a CINO, advocating abortion, ain't "catholic".

<2> Yes, imho, if you do "evil", then that's pretty bad. Wasting the talents that the Lord gives you is serious business.

<3> Maybe, depending upon who knew what when. But that's far above my pay grade. The motes in my eyes are big enough for me to deal with. Public scandal by CINOs is too big to overlook.

<4> Too many people throw money and not give their time and attention to what is going on. When the first payoffs became public, there should have been riots in the streets. This scandal has (imho) killed the American Catholic Church and possibly the Irish one as well. And, it is fundamental in why the Church didn't fight the Gooferment killing Catholic education.

<5> The "economy" doesn't "give" any one any thing. The free market, which we don't have a lot of, allows free people to exchange goods and services. Helping each other. Cooperating due to "greed" (i.e., if I pursue my best interest, then in a perverse way I have to make you happy). We don't have "free markets" today; we have crony capitalism and Gooferment run amok. It's immoral to call those on the dole — corporate fat cats, politicians, and bureaucrats — "hard working". And, it's also immoral what Gooferments, here and abroad, do to real human beings. Under the guise of helping them. "Decent wages" is "Secular Progressive" code for "minumum wage laws" that deprive people of opportunity. "Health care" is "Secular Progressive" code for the Gooferment's finger in every aspect of human life from birth to death with suitable regulations and payoffs. Mother Teresa couldn't open in NYC because the building didn't have elevators; it's not about helping, but payoffs.

<6> I won't give to United Way because of it's high salaries to executives. Same as Red Cross. I'd rather write a check to HomeFrontNJ where, last time I checked, the three full time employees get less than 40k per year. And two of them are drivers.

<7> I'm not qualified on Papal writings; i'm just a fat old white guy injineer. But, the Church does seem to echo a lot of "social justice" from the "Secular Progressives". Unfortunately, I think they confuse what we have today with Free Market Capitalism which allows the division of labor and peaceful trade.

Sigh! ATDA.]

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Aug 3, 2011 

JHQ: five-day We Remember series of events


Manhattan College to Commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 with a Tribute – Sept. 7-11
Former Mayor Giuliani to speak at We Remember event on Sept. 9
Riverdale, NY (PRWEB) August 02, 2011

To mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Manhattan College is presenting a five-day We Remember series of events, Wednesday, Sept. 7 through Sunday, Sept. 11 to pay tribute to the victims of the tragic attacks. The events include: a memorial ceremony, a panel presentation by graduates of the College, a faculty teach-in, a campus-wide service day on Sept. 10 in honor of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, an act signed by President Obama in 2009 officially designating Sept. 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance, and a memorial Mass. The College will also introduce an exhibition at the Mary Alice and Tom O’Malley Library during the week to commemorate the fallen Manhattan College alumni.

“On Sept. 11, 2001, the College lost 20 graduates and scores of relatives and friends of our extended community; in honor of them, their families and all of the other victims, the College is hosting the We Remember series,” said Brennan O’Donnell, Ph.D., president of Manhattan College.

On Sept. 7, the panel discussion and first We Remember event will be held from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in Smith Auditorium with Francis Lombardi, the former chief engineer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, moderating the event. Michael Burton ’84, former executive deputy commissioner for the New York City Department of Design & Construction and current senior vice president and national operations manager for the LiRo Group; Eugene McGrath ’63, retired chairman and chief executive officer for Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.; George J. Tamaro ’59, former partner and current consultant for Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers; and Richard Tomasetti ’63, consultant for Thornton-Tomasetti; are among the featured panelists who assisted in the immediate constructive response in the aftermath of 9/11. The panelists will explain the challenges they and the city faced, and what that experience has meant to them over the past decade.

“The panel will help to inform our students, who were 8-12 years old on 9/11, of how knowledge, expertise, and professional training–as well as strength of character and dedication–helped to put the city and the nation on a course of rebuilding,” added O’Donnell.

The faculty teach-in on Sept. 8 will include Manhattan College faculty from multiple disciplines examining and presenting the impact of the events of 9/11 on certain aspects of American life from 4 to 5 p.m. in Smith Auditorium. Daniel Collins, Ph.D., director of the recently established Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) and associate professor of English, will moderate the event, which will analyze how various authorities, from politicians to media pundits, claimed that American culture and politics would never be the same after 9/11. In addition, the faculty will address the questions: what has changed; what has taken place over the last ten years, in specific areas of life, through the lens of particular academic specialties; and what have we learned and how have we grown?

The We Remember series continues with the commemorative service on Sept. 9 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers with The Honorable Rudolph W. Giuliani ’65, former Mayor of New York City and chairman & chief executive officer for Giuliani Partners, as the featured speaker. In addition, two Manhattan College students will read from “The Guys,” an off-Broadway play by Anne Nelson about a writer working with a fire captain to draft eulogies for firefighters who perished in the World Trade Center. The names of the fallen Manhattan College alumni will also be read aloud.

For the latest details on the Manhattan College We Remember series including confirmed event times, stay tuned to http://www.manhattan.edu/about/Sept11/. Media interested in covering the events, please contact Liz Connolly, assistant director of communications, by e-mail at public_relations(at)manhattan(dot)edu.

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[JR: A sad sad day, and the fact that the WTC wasn't rebuilt one story higher, with that middle finger design, within a year, says volumes about the lack of backbone in America's politicians and bureaucrats. The fact that "We, The Sheeple" tolerated this behavior says a lot about us.]

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Aug 3, 2011 

JLINKEDIN: Morrissey, Bill [MC1972] Director at Citi


Morrissey, Bill [MC1972]
Director at Citi
Greater New York City Area

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Aug 3, 2011 

JHQ: 2011 Men’s Retreat Weekend 9/16-18


2011 Men’s Retreat Weekend
for alumni and friends of Manhattan College

Would you like to be joyful? Would you like to be blessed?

For most Christians, the answer would be a resounding ‘Yes!’ Well, you are in luck. This year’s retreat theme is The Beatitudes – An Everlasting Guide for the Christian Life. In the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ recorded in Matthew 5:1-12, Jesus teaches the crowd highlighting many categories of people who may be blessed – poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart, the peacemakers, and He encourages us to rejoice and be glad.

Surely you fall into at least one of these groupings and should therefore ‘be joyful’. If you’d like to discover more reasons why you are blessed by God, please join us for this year’s retreat at the Bishop Molloy Retreat House in Jamaica Estates, Queens, NY. There you will have ample opportunities for fellowship with men like yourself, many of whom have been attending our annual retreats year after year.

In fact, 2011 commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Reality Retreat, which was started by a group of Manhattan College alumni and friends, many of whom worked in business settings in NYC, who were seeking a way of strengthening their faith and bridging that faith from Sunday Mass into the start of the workweek on Monday morning. This year also represents the tenth year anniversary of our 2001 retreat, which took place a mere week or so following the tragic happenings of September 11th. We will dedicate some reflection time to remember our brothers, friends, colleagues and family members who lost their lives on that infamous morning.

Our weekend will feature great speakers, delicious food, enriching fellowship and camaraderie, and opportunities to partake in the sacraments of Reconciliation, Anointing and the Eucharist. Past speakers have woven their personal witness stories together with the annual theme, inspiring our attendees.

Again, we hope that you will plan to join us at this year’s retreat.

September 16-18, 2011
(Friday 6:00 p.m. to Sunday 12:00 noon)
Bishop Molloy Passionist Retreat House
86-45 Edgerton Blvd., Jamaica Estates, Queens, NY 11432

We invite you to come and experience this wonderful retreat.

Please visit manhattancollegeretreat.info for up-to-date details.

Click here for a registration form or contact the following team members for more information:


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Aug 4, 2011 

JOBIT: Potoma, Edward M. [MC1975 RIP]


Edward M. Potoma (1953 – 2011)

Edward M. Potoma a resident of Pearl River, NY for 27 years, died Sunday, July 31, 2011 at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, MA. He was 58.

Ed retired in June 2010 after 32 years as a dedicated teacher at the Community School in the White Plains School District where he was a leader of his peers and a guiding hand for his students.

He was born January 31, 1953 in Brooklyn, NY to John and Lorraine Potoma. A 1975 graduate of Manhattan College, Ed earned his PhD from Teachers College Columbia University in 1985. On April 1, 1978 he married Suzanne, whom he loved very much, at Blessed Sacrament Church in Jackson Heights, NY.

Locally, in recent years, Ed pursued his passion for theater as a Board member, Producer and Actor at the Elmwood Community Playhouse. He was also a gun enthusiast and member of the Suffern Gun Club, an active participant in the Rockland Astronomy Club and a lifelong musician.

He is survived by his wife, Suzanne E. Potoma of Pearl River; daughters, Alison Potoma and Julianne Potoma Tamucci of Pearl River and father, Alfred Zettwoch of Deltona, FL. He is predeceased by his parents, John and Lorraine and brother, John Jr.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held 10:00 AM Saturday at St. Aedan’s R.C. Church, Pearl River. Burial will follow at Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Hawthorne, NY. Visiting is Friday, from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 PM at Wyman-Fisher Funeral Home Inc.

Published in the The Journal News on August 3, 2011


Potoma, Edward M. [MC1975 RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/lohud/guestbook.aspx?n=edward-potoma&pid=152845125&cid=full

[JR: When I read the obits of younger Jaspers, I want to yell "No Cutting In". As a spouse whose been left behind, my prayers go out to the family. Donna Nobis Pacem ]


Aug 4, 2011 

JEMAIL: Dans, Peter E. (MC1957) cites definition of “poor”

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 10:05 AM, Dans, Peter E. (MC1957) wrote:


Check out this article I read on GOPUSA. Here is the link:


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Sowell: The Most Misleading Words Used In Politics
By Thomas Sowell August 3, 2011 6:25 am

*** begin quote ***

If there were a contest for the most misleading words used in politics, “poverty” should be one of the leading contenders for that title.

*** and ***

It is one thing to keep people from suffering from unforeseeable things beyond their control. But it is something else to simply subsidize their necessities so that they can spend their money on other things and leave a larger estate to be passed on to their heirs.

*** end quote ***

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[JR: Doctor Dans, Thanks. Sowell is one of my favorites; he always seems to put a laser on issues. But you'll probably generate a lecture from Stebbins, Donald M (MC1961) about being "mean spirited" and "hard hearted". I just want everyone to be "wealthy" and that's in the eye of the beholder. Hard times are coming again due to the Gooferment, politicians, and bureaucrats. They make us ALL poor.]

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Aug 4, 2011 

JHQ: Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival on Aug. 11


Posted on the MC homepage calendar

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Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival on Aug. 11

Manhattan College is offering its alumni the unique chance to experience Shakespeare at its finest at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s production of Hamlet on Thursday, Aug. 11 at 7 p.m.

The $35 ticket includes admission to the performance and a picnic of wine, cheese and sandwiches on the beautiful grounds of Boscobel in Garrison, N.Y., overlooking the Hudson River and West Point. We encourage you to bring your own additional picnicking items as well, and the park opens at 5 p.m.

*A limited number of tickets are available.

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[JR: I shortened the registration link.]


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Aug 4, 2011 

JHQ: Monmouth Day at the Races on Aug. 13


Posted on the MC homepage calendar

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Monmouth Day at the Races on Aug. 13

On Saturday, Aug. 13, join the College at the Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, N.J., for the 38th annual Running of the Manhattan College Purse hosted by the Jersey Shore Alumni Club. The cost is $35 per person, which includes admission to the clubhouse, private seating, official track program and a hot buffet lunch (cash bar) in the Rivalry Room in Parterre Level II (a/c overlooking the track).

Register for this event »

Tickets may be picked up at the will call window at the entrance to the track at 12 p.m.

For more information, contact Jim O’Brien ’60, co-chair, with inquires or questions by phone at (732) 859-3644.

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[JR: I shortened the registration link.]


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Aug 4, 2011 

JHQ: MC 9/11 tribute announcement repeated on the MC site


Posted on the MC homepage

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[JR: Repeats the news release that was reported yday. ]

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Aug 4, 2011 

JHQ: A two-week service trip to Windhoek, Namibia


Posted on the MC homepage news

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RIVERDALE, N.Y. –– Eight Manhattan College education students recently returned from a two-week service trip to Windhoek, Namibia after teaching and helping to prepare future lesson plans for more than 120 children at an after school program. Accompanied by four faculty members, the students (six seniors and two juniors) applied skills they had received in their own education courses, and organized age-appropriate lessons and games to enhance the learning of children with limited resources and overcrowded classrooms.

“I think this experience increased our students’ confidence because their level of knowledge about what to do and how to approach things was tremendous, and everyone else was depending on them, asking for advice, watching them and seeing how well they were able to manage a classroom,” said Karen Nicholson, Ph.D., associate professor of education, and one of the faculty members who attended the trip. MaryBeth Gallagher, co-director of the Centre and a New York native, was also impressed by the students’ professionalism, and grateful because the students prepared lesson plans for when they left to facilitate a smoother transition for the children.

The group from Manhattan College departed on May 31 to travel to Namibia and volunteer at the Bernhard Nordkamp Centre, which in addition to academic enrichment and support, also provides athletic, cultural, social and craft opportunities. The Bernhard Nordkamp Centre is part of Catholic Aids Action and occupies premises in Katutura owned by the Catholic Church in Namibia. The Centre is committed to helping children enroll in school and thrive in the classroom as a way to combat the effects of poverty.

“The Manhattan College students also visited a Christian school and a public school during the trip, and were able to see firsthand the different academic experiences that Namibian students were receiving,” added Nicholson. “Since the country of Namibia is only 21 years old and the ministry of education is very young, the implementation and structure is evolving.”

“Volunteering in Namibia was the most incredible and humbling experience,” said Christina Ferrari ’12. “We were able to help Namibian children get excited about learning while being completely immersed in a different culture, and I don’t think any of us will ever forget those two life-changing weeks.”

To learn more about the Bernhard Nordkamp Centre and how you can help, visit http://www.volunteer-namibia.com/. Also, see the video on MaryBeth Gallagher’s work with the Bernhard Nordkamp Centre at: http://vimeo.com/12618632.

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Aug 4, 2011 

MFOUND: Breadboards at MC


03 August 2011
Website — how to use a breadboard for electronics labs

*** begin quote ***

I’m at Manhattan College (in the Bronx) for an AP Summer Institute. We are doing my electronics lab, in which students hook up simple DC circuits.

*** and ***

About Me

Greg Jacobs teaches AP physics at Woodberry Forest School, the nation’s premier boarding school for boys. Outside the classroom, he coaches football, and he broadcasts varsity baseball games over the internet. In his spare time, he is a reporter for STATS, LLC, he writes books about physics, baseball, and football, and he umpires high school baseball.

*** end quote ***

[JR: Ahh, to go back to a much simpler time and do it all over again. And, as a disclaimer to Stebbins, Donald M (MC1961), I'm sure no bread was immorally wasted on these boards. LOL!]

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Aug 4, 2011 

JNEWS: Two Jasper Nuns celebrate 80 year Sisterhood


Racine Dominicans celebrate Jubilee
Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 11:28 pm | 1 Comment

*** begin quote ***

RACINE — This summer, 18 Racine Dominican Sisters will celebrate special anniversaries, or Jubilee, in ministry. The Racine Dominicans have a 149-year history of serving Racine and other Wisconsin communities. They are a religious community of sisters and lay associates who live by the mission “committed to truth, compelled to justice.”

Celebrating 80 years as a Racine Dominican Sister

{Extraneous Deleted}

Sister Mary Ann (Maris Stella) Pevas was born in Marion, Ind. She earned a B.A. degree from Dominican College, Racine, and M.A degrees from Manhattan College, N.Y., and Notre Dame University, Ind. She also earned a Ph.D. in economics from Notre Dame. Pevas taught in Wisconsin and Michigan, including St. Catherine’s High School in Racine. Since 1990, she has been a professor at Winona State University, Winona, Minn., with a break from 1994-98, to serve as vice president of the Racine Dominicans. She is currently involved in ministering to people in the Middle East by teaching online and by organizing study tours to Egypt among other activities.

Sister Brenda (Brendan) Walsh was born in County Mayo, Ireland. She earned a B.A. degree from Dominican College, Racine, and an M.A degree from Manhattan College, N.Y. Walsh was director of religious education at St. Edward and St. Mary parishes in Racine. From 1974-82 she served as vice president of her community. She helped create the Senior Companion Program to assist elders of Racine County, co-founded the Health Care Network of Racine, and directed Racine 2000 and Beyond to address issues critical to Racine County. She is the promoter of preaching for the Racine Dominicans and volunteers in the Senior Companion Program.

*** end quote ***

[JR: That's amazing. To labor that long in the Lord's vineyard. Imagine what they could tell us and some of it might even include MC! ]

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Aug 4, 2011 

JFACEBOOK: MC Nuclear Medicine program?


Anna McGeough

Anyone know if there’s still a Nuclear Medicine program at Manhattan & does it have many students these days?

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Aug 4, 2011 

JLINKEDIN: Singh, Jessica [MC2005] Sr Fund Accountant-Hedge Fund Admin


Singh, Jessica [MC2005]
Senior Fund Accountant-Hedge Fund Administration
Greater New York City Area

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Aug 4, 2011 

JHQ: Manhattan Monthly — August 2011


[JR: Manhattan Monthly. Hard to index.]

In this Issue
On Campus


9 Jasper Open Rescheduled
23 New Faculty Orientation
25 Freshman Orientation 4
26 CELT Faculty Development Day
27 Freshman Move in
28 New Student Convocation
28 First Mass of the School Year
29 Fall Semester Begins
31 Faculty Convocation

Manhattan College to Commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11
College Integrates Enhanced Athletic Logos
College Launches Master’s Option in Cosmetic Engineering
Education Students Gain Teaching Experience in Africa
College Hosts Summer Literacy Program for Local High School Students
The Donald Broderick Scholarship Opens Doors for Students
Engineering Student Published in Clear Waters

Staff and Faculty Attend Formation Programs During the Summer
Mu Sigma Chapter Receives ACE Award
Student Honored with Scholarship

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival on Aug. 11
Monmouth Day at the Races on Aug. 13
Alumni Society Meeting Sept. 10
Alumni Businessmen’s Retreat Friday – Sunday, Sept. 16-18
2011 Track & Field/Cross Country Reunion on Oct. 1
Alumni Soccer Game on Oct. 1
Career Fair 2011 on Oct. 19
Alumni Open House Brunch for Prospective Students Oct. 30
Become a Mentor at Manhattan
Jaspers Helping Jaspers
Giving to Manhattan

Faculty and Staff Accomplishments
Manhattan College Promotions
Manhattan College Milestones

Manhattan Signs 33 Newcomers for 2011-12 Season
Women’s Swimmers Recognized for Success In Classroom
Jaspers Draw Syracuse in 2011 NIT Season Tip-Off
Several Student-Athletes Receive Academic Honors
Walter Olsewski Retires as Head Golf Coach
Mark Jones, Brendan Lawler Elevated to Full-Time Status
Manhattan Unveils 2011 Men’s Golf Fall Schedule
Ryan Named Head Coach of Guyana for World Championships

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Aug 5, 2011 

JEMAIL: Dans, Peter E. (MC1957) definition of “social justice”


On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 2:09 PM, Dans, Peter E. (MC1957) wrote:

Hi John:

Can you link to this article by Father Sirico or Father Z’s annotated version on your next JJ. Any alum who is buying the Democratic Party definition of “social justice” should read it. Even if they don’t. those who want to counter their arguments should. It’s not just me and you and a dog named blue who are concerned how the terrible economic mess came about.


—– Original Message —–

From: Phil
To: Phil
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2011 12:05 AM
Subject: Fr. Sirico in NRO: The Church as the Bride of Caesar

Well, the debt crisis is all over for now. Still, it bears examining the lies and distortions of true Christianity by the so-called Christian Left in their attempt to hijack the Church in service to the socialist agenda to keep borrowing and spending into a black hole.

Check out Fr. Sirico, who understands actual Church Social Teaching better than the faux Catholic Left and their Jim Wallis allies do. He takes them apart.


# # #

Fr. Sirico in NRO: The Church as the Bride of Caesar
Posted on 29 July 2011 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
National Review Online a couple days ago had a great piece by Fr. Robert Sirico of Action Institute.

The Church as the Bride of Caesar
July 27, 2011 4:15 P.M.
By Fr. Robert A. Sirico

It is telling that the Washington Post report on the religious Left’s Circle of Protection campaign for big government describes the effort as one that would “send chills through any politician who looks to churches and religious groups as a source of large voting blocs,” because, in fact, this is not an honest faith-inspired campaign to protect the “least of these” from Draconian government cuts, as claimed. It is a hyper-political movement that offers up the moral authority of churches and aid organizations to advance the ends of the Obama administration and its allies in Congress.

# # #

[QUAERITUR: To what extent would a rise in interest rates coupled with the abolition of tax breaks for charitable giving impact help for the poor and other worthy efforts?]

# – # – # – # – #

[JR: As requested. I led with the link so that folks could read it on their own. ]

[JR: Personally, I think this "Circle of Protection" is more ASTROTURF "barbara streisand". Like the psudo anti-war left of the Bush era. Where did they disappear to? Libertarians are staunchly anti-war and I was deluded into thinking that the anti-war leftists were really anti-war. Turns out, like the Clinton days, they are only anti-war when the wrong party is in the White House. Sorry, but fool me once. So like the anti-war, Gooferment "Charity" is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. And, the Gooferment redefining marriage so as it can pick winners and losers for wealth redistribution is a symptom of the mess we've gotten into. Frankly, the only way I see out of it is, like the USSR, is for it to break into smaller pieces and start over. Secession. Yes, and the big question is will the USA let go peacefully? In some NH conversations I had recently, secessionist were asking: "Would the Feds roll tanks into NH? And what would the Sheeple do?" Something is coming. We had economic malaise from the Sixties to the Eighties; looks like we are there again. Argh! ]

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Aug 5, 2011 

JEMAIL: About Burton, Scott J. [MC1991 RIP]


RE: Scott J. Burton

Message from Paul Neugebauer ,

Please visit www.scottshope.com (I am Scott’s brother-in-law)

# – # – #

[JR: There's a donation site and form for Jasper Scott's children.]

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Aug 5, 2011 

JEMAIL: About Potoma, Edward M. [MC1975 RIP]


RE: Edward M. Potoma 1953 – 2011

Message from Suzanne Potoma,

Thank you for your prayers. He loved Manhattan College. Go Jaspers!

# # # # #


Potoma, Edward M. [MC1975 RIP]

# – # – # – # – # 2011-Aug-05 @ 09:27

Aug 5, 2011 

JLINKEDIN: Asmodeo, Andrew P. [MC2006] Bus Dev at BNY Mellon


Asmodeo, Andrew P. [MC2006]
Business Development at BNY Mellon
Greater Los Angeles Area
Financial Services


Graduated from Manhattan College in May 2006. Since held full time positions in related field of study.

Started out at PMG, a private property management group, through interning at two wholly owned boutique hotels during senior year at Manhattan.

Worked nine months as a full time staff accountant contributing to a small team of professionals who performed all day to day accounting needs, took a promotion and started new role as property accountant at another of the PMG properties.

After the fifteen months of multi-tasking in the back offices of the three properties, decided it was time to make a move to banking in order to gain a broader hands on experience of the world of finance.


Attention to detail.

# # # # #

Aug 6, 2011 

JLINKEDIN: Wilday, Alyssa [MC2010] Substitute teacher at NYC BoE


Wilday, Alyssa [MC2010]
Substitute teacher at NYC Board of Education
JV assistant softball coach at Curtis High school
Greater New York City Area Higher

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Aug 5, 2011

Comment on Ferrarotto, Amanda (MC2012) the Haiti Outreach Program 

by mfhcm

Thanks for the article it was GREAT! Keep up the good posts on Haiti!


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Aug 6, 2011

ENDNOTE: Dowd, Raymond J. (MC1986) Boston Museum of Fine Arts



Art Law: Boston Museum of Fine Arts: Sues Heirs of Jews To Keep Stolen Property, Hides Evidence

*** begin quote ***

Let’s make it clear: just because a federal judge says heirs have no legal rights to obtain the return of property because the claims are time-barred, doesn’t mean property wasn’t stolen. To unpack that double-negative, if a judge says heirs can’t find out and prove that a painting was stolen because their claims are time-barred, the museum is granted a windfall: a potentially-stolen artwork that no one can reclaim.

*** end quote ***

Dowd, Raymond J. (MC1986)

[JR: I'm not a lawyer; nor do I play one on TV. Maybe in an alternative timeline, I'd have made better life decisions and would have been one. I applaud our fellow Jasper in his blog post that shines a spotlight on bad behavior of a museum. One can only hope that these people get justice; rare in the Gooferment courts.]

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